C21 Redwood is Giving Back
Monday - 9/5/2016 6:48 am
Tara L Christianson

“Tis better to give, than to receive.” With the close work that real estate agents engage in on a regular basis with community members, it’s imperative to take care of and nurture that community as an office, too. At Century 21 Redwood Realty, we recognize the importance of giving back. Not only have we established a company-wide ‘Redwood Gives Back‘ initiative, where agents can contribute to building homes in a partnership with New Story Charity, each individual office has a ‘Redwood Gives Back’ committee who choose different projects to participate in on a monthly or quarterly basis. ¬†Even in the summer, which is typically a slower time for activity, several of our C21 Redwood offices have been actively helping their local and state communities.

Our office in Montclair had a very successful ‘Shred It’ event, where they hired a shredding service to park near their office,

Shred It Event Truck at C21 Redwood Realty Montclair Office

allowing people in the area to use it to destroy unwanted papers and other items.

Documents to Be Shredded at C21 Redwood Montclair Office Shred it Event

Locals from all over Montclair dropped off old files and paperwork for destruction!

A Delivery of Documents for C21 Redwood Montclair Office's Shred it Event

Our Arlington office went to the dogs…literally! Their second annual Dogapalooza event, held in tandem with Rural Dog Rescue, held a fundraiser event at Tupelo Honey Cafe (just across the street from our new office).

C21 Redwood Arlington Represents at Dogapalooza 2016


With pups looking for new homes in attendance, people were able to meet the beneficiaries of their donations and enter for a chance to win prizes from local Arlington, Virginia companies.

Happy Dogs Looking for Homes at C21 Redwood Arlington's Dogapalooza Event

Happy Dogs Looking for Homes at Dogapalooza 2016

C21 Redwood Arlington Office Fundraiser Supporting Rural Dog Rescue

Raffle Winners of C21 Redwood Arlington's Dogapalooza

Raffle Winners of Dogapalooza 2016

C21 Redwood Realty Arlington agents spearheading the event really did a great job bringing everyone together.

C21 Redwood Arlington Agents Supporting Rural Dog Rescue

So the adoptees wouldn’t feel left out, many people brought their own dogs to have a ‘meet and greet’ all their own.

Coral Gundlach's Rescue Dog

Not to be outdone, our Fredericksburg office has been very busy being neighborly these past couple of months.

C21 Redwood Fredericksburg Redwood Gives Back

When they heard about the horrible flooding and subsequent needs of people in West Virginia, members of Fredericksburg’s Redwood Gives Back committee leapt into action.

Supplies ready for West Virginia from Fredericksburg C21 Redwood

With Denise Smith and Ken Fagan at the helm, they created a Facebook group and sent out flyers asking for help and donated items like bug spray, masks, gloves, bleach and non-perishable foods. They ended up collecting cases of water and juice, baby diapers, disposable wipes, masks, gloves, Tyvek suits, bleach, bug spray, sanitary items, pet food, shovels, towels, trash bags and more. They also used cash collected to buy even more of the ‘must have’ items listed, as well as batteries to help power flashlights and radios.

More Supplies Ready for West Virginia from C21 Redwood Fredericksburg

Then, as a team, they loaded up the trailer

Truck Loaded for West Virginia from C21 Redwood Fredericksburg

and Ken drove it to West Virginia to deliver to Greenbrier Episcopal Ministries in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

The Helpful Fredericksburg C21 Redwood Crew for West Virginia

We’re sure their efforts were greatly appreciated!

Not resting on their laurels, shortly before the new school year in Fredericksburg started, they launched their next project ‘Packing the Backpacks.’ Denise and crew collected donations of school supplies and new backpacks,

Shopping for Backpacks for Fredericksburg Redwood Gives Back

filling over 41 backpacks

Assembling Backpacks for C21 Redwood Fredericksburg Redwood Gives Back

to hand out to the food pantry that rests just steps away from our Fredericksburg office.

Assembled Backpacks for C21 Redwood Fredericksburg Redwood Gives Back

How’s that for literally¬†helping people in your own back yard?

Already, many of these and our other offices are holding their next Redwood Gives Back committee meetings to determine what their next projects would be. Is giving back something that’s important to you? If so, you’ll want to reach out to Heather Elias to learn how you can help as a member of one of our Redwood Gives Back committees.


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