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Friday - 10/11/2013 8:53 am
Tara L. Christianson

Last week on the Century 21 Redwood blog, I talked about the “Big 3″ in real estate (Trulia, Zillow and, and the importance of having and maintaining an updated profile on all three sites.  Go ahead.  Go read it.  I’ll wait.  Since I’ve already walked you through creating a professional real estate profile on Trulia, it’s now time to learn how to create a professional real estate profile on Zillow!

zillow-logo-your-edge-in-real-estateFirst, you’ll want to go to   In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see something that says “For Pros.”  Hover your mouse over that, and choose “Agents.”

Choose For Pros and Agents on Zillow to Create Your Profile

You should be taken to a Zillow Welcome page.  The first offer you should see that you can click on is “Activate Profile.”  Click on that!

Activate Your Profile on ZillowZillow asks you whether you want to create your Profile using a Facebook login (the same login you would use for, or create (“register”) your Profile using an email address and password.  That choice is completely up to you, although I tend to stray away from using Facebook logins for real estate work login purposes just in case something happens with my Facebook profile.

Zillow Registration Page to Create a Zillow ProfileOnce you’ve made your choice and entered in the required information, you should be either taken to a page where you can start creating your profile on Zillow.  If not, please check your email to make sure there isn’t a confirmation process needed for your account before you begin.

There are two ways to access your Zillow Profile to start entering information and uploading pictures.  One should be found in the main menu found near the top of the main page once you’ve successfully logged in.  The other way to access your Zillow Profile is via the Agent Hub in the upper right-hand corner.  Just hover your mouse over Agent Hub and Profile will appear as one of the selections.

Create a Profile on Zillow through Profile or Agent Hub

If you are under “Profile” and “Overview” on the Zillow real estate professionals main page, you should see a place to select “Edit.”

How to Edit Your Zillow Real Estate Agent ProfileWhen you hover your mouse over the Edit button, the first selection that comes up is “Profile.”  Click on that.  You will see a number of choices to fill out for your Zillow profile.  This includes “Screen Name,” which will give you a customized Zillow Profile URL, the ability to upload your professional real estate photo, and the ability to input all your professional information (don’t forget your social media links and real estate website!).  Two areas that you should definitely fill out when you start to create your real estate profile on Zillow are the Service Areas and the Specialties.   Zillow Service Areas allows you to designate as many areas as you want that you cover.  This is especially helpful for those that want to concentrate on a specific local neighborhoods, or for those that may be licensed or practice real estate in several different areas/states.  Zillow Specialties have been narrowed down to only a few choices for agents to make, of which you can choose only up to four specialty areas maximum.

Agent Specialties Choices for Zillow Real Estate Professional AgentsOnce you click Submit, you’ll be taken back to the Agent home page you first encountered when you logged into  You’re not done yet with creating your Zillow profile!  One more step – click on Edit again.  This time, choose “About Me.”

How to Edit Your Zillow Real Estate Agent ProfileThe “About Me” area is where you can insert a little about yourself, your professional real estate resume, plus any other pertinent details you might want to include (e.g., community information, local focus, specific real estate specialties not covered by Zillow, etc.).  Once you’ve finished filling that out, click Save.

One final note: like Trulia, Zillow allows you to request Reviews from current and former clients.

Request a Review on Zillow to Finish Creating your Zillow Professional Real Estate Agent ProfileZillow has strict guidelines for reviews, including that potential reviewers create a Zillow profile (meaning, the real estate client will have to login to Zillow), and all reviews are moderated and reviewed by moderators before being published by Zillow.  (This is to prevent real estate agents from “gaming” the system with fraudulent reviews.)  This is a great excuse to reach out to past clients, as well as monitor your agent performance with current clients.

Finally, most real estate agents want to doublecheck and see that their real estate listings are making it to Zillow.  You can do that via the dashboard or via the Agent Hub described above, and selecting “My Listings.”  Doing that will lead you to a page that allows you to Create New Listings and see any Listings that might have already been attached to your name (via ListHub or some other service).

Zillow My Listings

There you have it!  Not only have you been able to create a profile on Trulia, but now you were able to create a profile on Zillow.  What great steps you’ve made to enhancing (and protecting) your professional real estate persona!

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