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About Me

Becky moved to Loudoun County in 1998 and immediately built a home in the Purcellville area.  Finding the right property was a lesson in patience in order to find the right location for her growing family.  In the process, she gained a great deal of experience and knowledge is county requirements and approval process, to enhance her existing knowledge of construction.  Becky employed the best contractor in the area, her husband, to complete the project and build exactly what she had envisioned.  During this process, she was introduced to many professionals in the area and soon built a circle of quality and excellence.  This circle consists of builders to financial professionals who met high standards to become a trusted partner.  Along with quality and excellence, Becky’s primary key to her approach to business is integrity in everything you say and everything you do, coupled with a high standard of ethics and the ability to understand the client’s needs, she has started building a customer base for her real estate business.  Real estate was a natural fit into her existing understanding of the industry.  She not only concentrates in residential real estate, but also in commercial real estate. If you are an equestrian family, then Becky can help you.  She owns horses and is familiar with the equestrian landscape in the area and state.

Becky’s husband, Carson, is a custom/spec homebuilder (Alexander Remodeling & Construction) with over 40 years experience in both commercial and residential building.  Carson and Becky have built three homes of their own and are planning a fourth home in the near future.  Becky plays an active role in building as a second pair of hands for her husband.  Carson is also state certified and licensed in several areas, one being mold removal. They have one daughter – a student at Woodgrove High School.  Becky and her family are members of Sudley Church.  Becky is a cancer survivor and donates a portion of her commissions to local breast cancer associations.  Becky believes that you can overcome obstacles with a positive attitude and determination.  She is willing to work hard for you to find the right property for you.