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For most people, purchasing a home is the biggest financial transaction of their lives. The home buying process is an exciting and life-changing experience and the stakes are extremely high. While a solid home purchase can set you on the path to a lifetime of financial stability, making the wrong decision can be devastating from both the financial and emotional perspective.

At CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty, we consider ourselves purveyors of local expertise with a technological focus. We utilize our unparalleled search tools to enhance the home buying process for our loyal clientele while providing the service you would expect from the iconic CENTURY 21 brand.

Start Your Search Online

Searching for a home is exciting! With the continuing advancements with online Real Estate searches, prospective homebuyers can use the internet to get a basic idea of what homes cost in different areas. Here at we have put together the industry's best home search tool. Our screen-width search enables users to view neighborhood and zip code boundaries to narrow their search results and presents the mid-Atlantic region like no other site. Like a good pair of glasses- we bring our local Real Estate market into sharp focus!!
Century 21 Consult Your Agent

Pressure Free Consultations

While the internet has certainly changed the way that people search for homes, purchasing a home involves a series of extremely complex steps that are best conducted with the advice of a local expert. When your online search reaches the point where you begin to have questions about things like mortgage options, property taxes, the differences between condo & co-op ownership or are just ready to start seeing some homes- it's time to get to know an Agent. This informal meeting can take place at one of our offices, your favorite local coffee shop, your living room or on the way to see your first listing!
Century 21 Redwood Realty Home Preview

Preview Homes

CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty home search is optimized to allow you and your agent to communicate with one another about properties. You can even schedule your showings right from our site! Our agents are ultra time-flexible showing machines that are constantly studying your likes & dislikes as you see homes together. We pride ourselves in enhancing your personal online searches by identifying more home options that may be "hidden" by your search parameters or are just about to come on the market.
Century 21 Loan Application Coordination

Loan Application

Realtors and Loan Officers work together like two doctors in the Operating Room. Without an effective partner on the lending side we can't be as effective at our job. With this in mind, we educate our agents to help guide you through initiating the mortgage process. While we work closely with Atlantic Coast Mortgage, we are happy to facilitate your transaction with the dependable lender of your choice.
Redwood Realty Refined Property Search

Refined Property Search

When it comes time to focus your search down to a particular neighborhood, street or home- we are there to enhance the process with our unique mix of local expertise and comprehensive home search technology. Our automated emails will alert you of all new listings as well as all relevant price & status changes to properties in your target area. Additionally, our agents will use good old-fashioned networking to get the "inside scoop" that can enhance your search.
Century 21 Redwood Realty Expert Contract Guidance

Contract Negotiations

When reviewing a contract, all eyes tend to focus on the price. Negotiating the price is certainly the chief goal of most contracts, but price is just one aspect of a Real Estate offer. For example, if a home is under-priced to the point where it may attract multiple offers, our agents can help get the home off the market quickly. Similarly, if a home appears over-priced, our agents can help craft a contract that reflects the home's is worth and with a settlement date that fits your timeline. A number of contingencies, such as home inspection, radon/environmental, financing, appraisal and home sale are also considered in constructing most contracts. As every situation is different, our agents will work with you to choose the contingencies that make the most sense for each property scenario.
Century 21 Property Inspection

Pertinent Inspections

As soon as the ink has dried on your ratified contract offer, we go to work on lining up the necessary inspections. Once these have been conducted we'll work with you to sort through the reports to ensure that any concerns you may have are addressed with the seller. In a similar fashion to negotiating price, there is an art to get seemingly unwilling Sellers to address property condition concerns and we take pride in conveying our client's concerns in a professional and firm manner. While no property is inherently "perfect"- we are there to ensure that you are an informed consumer.
Century 21 Property Settlements


In your sales contract you will have selected a Title Company to arrange all of the necessary paperwork. From the time of ratification until the day of settlement, we'll work with this company to ensure that they are able to obtain all of the necessary information, both from you and the seller. At the settlement table, we'll be there to make sure that you feel comfortable with the "mountain of paperwork" that you'll be required to sign. This may be one of the most important days of your life, but we'll do our best to make sure that it isn't one of the most stressful. Informed clients are happy homeowners!