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A resident of Northern Virginia for more than two decades, currently living in Prince William County, has lived in Stafford County, and with family in Fairfax and Loudoun County, he understands the area and is excited to share his first-hand knowledge with his clients.   He has experienced over 17 military relocations and can personally relate to service members relocating to the Northern Virginia area.  He looks forward to working with you to find your particular real estate wants and needs. He brings knowledge and certifications including but limited to:  Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR), Military Relocation Professional (MRP), Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), NFCU Realty Plus Certified Agent, USAA Real Estate Rewards Network Agent, Century 21 Ruby Award Winner and Top Producer 

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“Mr. Montemayor's experience with the mechanical workings and maintenance costs of houses in this area had a direct effect in our comfort with purchasing this house. Other, older houses were considered, but he helped us to understand the short-term costs likely associated with houses that would need new plumbing, roofing, etc... The house we are in does not need any immediate renovations, and that will help with our affordability over the next 4-5 years. I wouldn't have been able to do the calculus without Mr. Montemayor's local knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail.”
Dave Miller, Montclair (Buyer)
“The fact that USAA had recommended John and Century 21 was by far the biggest (most critical) factor in deciding which Realtor/brokerage to use. I could not be happier with the level of service provided by John. He has my highest recommendation to anyone looking to buy/sell in the area.”
Joel Scharlat, Ashburn VA (Seller)
“Working with John was a pleasure. He's professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his work, and provided a low-pressure atmosphere to handle an otherwise stressful task. When we were finished, I was very confident I'd found the right home for me with John's help. ”
Erik Martin, Fairfax (Buyer)
“We would highly recommend John Montemayor listened to us & spent time with us until he found us our dream home! He was very attractive to details & never seem to tire in finding us what we wanted! John walked us thru the whole process from finding what we wanted to assisting in the mortgage process to completion of our home. He was excellent!”
Me & Mrs Newman (Buyer)
“My wife and I are very sad that we live in a new state because we would not be able to use John as our realtor again. He did a fantastic job on a home that sold way faster than any of us expected in an extremely fast market. The plan he put together was convincing and did its job fantastically. He did more than other realtors and it shows in the form of the online marketing, photos, and brochures. We cannot thank John enough for making this the first and probably the best home sale we have ever done! ”
Brian and Kristi, MD (Seller)
“Very much valued John Montemayor's "up to date understanding" of market conditions. I was literally traveling on the other side of the world for the entire period from the home going on the market through closing on the sale. John has an excellent ability to execute the list of tasks required to sell a home. He was invaluable to me, keeping me appraised of conditions in great detail. I felt very comfortable in providing guidance to John for contract negotiation and other decisions that had to be made quickly to keep "on track" for a closing less than 4 weeks from a ratified contract. John's "painting a picture of the rapidly changing real estate environment" made it possible to quickly complete tasks and at the same time allowed me to quickly understand what needed to be done, making it easy for me to execute documents and make decisions in support of my goals. Given the declining market conditions on 21 October when I left the country for a month, I was a bit worried how my sales prospects would pan out. However, I did feel confident that I had prepared my home well based on John Montemayor's guidance received to look attractive to buyers. This was critical as the number of potential buyers was likely to be fewer. Getting an offer 4 days after going on the market tells me that the preparations were exactly right. John then jumped in with great energy to make sure every single step necessary in the process to sell the home went off quickly. John Montemayor stayed in touch extremely well so that the 16 hour time difference didn't impair preparation for closing a bit!!”
Brian Prindle Alexandria (Seller)
“From the moment I met with John Montemayor I was almost certain he would be my broker. His professionalism showed immediately. He was very patient while explaining his marketing plan and throughout the entire process from beginning to end. I could not have chosen a better realtor than John! I would definitely recommend John to my family, friends, and colleagues! I will definitely keep his card handy. I am retired Army and I have three brothers who also served in the military - a retired Marine, a retired Sailor and another former Marine. My brothers all had the opportunity to meet John and all three were as impressed with John as I was. Having the approval of all my brothers on my choice to go with John for my realtor was very important to me. I will never be able to thank John enough for all he did for me to sell my house! ”
Shelli P., Pennsylvania (Seller)
“We were referred to John by a coworker/fellow service memeber. John was extremely knowledgeable and always had our best interests in mind. We were living and conducting our search from California and John accommodated and supported us through the entire process. THANK YOU! ”
Rachel Gonzales, Montclair, VA (Buyer)
“I really appreciate his skill level. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He had my home on the market and under contract in 3 days. ”
Emily (Seller)
“This was NOT ""walk in park"" real-estate deal [not a nice colonial in Brittany or Mt. Claire] and since John Montemayor is US Marine Corp. officer and gentleman he was digging in, step by step untill we got on the top of Mt. Suribaci on real-estate Ivo jima. I know, that I know, that I know that any other agent would walk away from the project. Semper Fidelis, John Montemayor”
Jerry Lastuvka now retire in Europe (Seller)
“John was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept us informed every step along the way. I would recommend John to anyone.”
Jack Bennett Alexandria, VA (Buyer)
“The whole experience and my level of comfort come from how fantastic John was. Having dealt with other realty companies, I felt pressured to get into the home as soon as possible, like a car salesman situation. I didn't feel that way with Century 21 and John... it was about meeting my needs and they went above and beyond to do that. I appreciate that so much. I was not just another consumer, but a person who was looking for the perfect home for me and my children. Thank you so much! John was professional, he was very attentive to my concerns and took the time to make sure everything was addressed and that I was comfortable. He was extremely responsive, considerate and accommodating. I was a pleasurable experience from beginning to end!”
Audrey Foss, Montclair, VA (Buyer)
“John was a pleasure to work with. He kept us calm through this nerve wracking experience of selling our home and gave us good advice on many issues. We trusted his judgment, and he delivered every time. We would not hesitate to work with him again! ”
L.K. Gault, Woodbridge (Seller)
“John is a true professional possessing a vast knowledge of the business as well as the rare characteristic of caring for those with whom me works/represents. He explained everything in understandable detail and appreciated clearly. Never did his monetary aspect of his representation surface. If our expectations as to what to expect of various aspects of the sale were incorrect he was able to graciously and professionally explain why and how to deal with them. Being a small business man myself, I appreciated his availability whenever it was needed. And as I have already stated, his vast knowledge of his profession. Whenever, one can achieve a friendship within a business transation it makes "work" more of a pleasure. I never thought of John as anything but a friend throughout his representation. Although we did not need the marketing aspect of his firm he willingly presented this alternative in the event the unsolicited offer we received fell through. John was always head of the game. John represented his profession at the highest level possible. His services were beyond reproach and I could not have hoped for a better outcome from this sale. ”
H. Craig Russell now in Salt Lake City, Utah - Former Montclair, VA resident (Seller)
“A Buyer’s True Friend As a first time home buyer we were confused and completely baffled by the complex process of home buying and the agent assigned to us by our lender seemed to be leading us down a blind alley and left us further helpless by being uncooperative and reluctant. Amidst this chaotic situation we scheduled a viewing through the website of Zillow without knowing who is going to show us the property. God sent John as our Realtor to bring some peace and sanity into this crazy situation of our home search! He is truly Godsend because we needed someone like him at that point so badly. He is such a together sort of guy with all impressive and extraordinary personal and professional qualities that it's impossible to express those in a single page of paper. Just since our first meeting, we started to respect and inspire him for his profound knowledge about properties and area that we chose to buy home and gradually we found him as a methodical and devoted person and very prompt in dealing with any of our inquiries. He provided us with all the useful knowledges and necessary tips regarding selecting a good property. When the selection was made, he took all the responsibilities in his own shoulder to have all the necessary jobs done step by step from home inspection to final walk through and closing. We can never think of anybody else as his alternative who could help us that much sincerely as he did. Even after buying our new home, we still contact him for any issues with a little hesitation that after successfully completing his job he might not be happy assist us, but leaving us in surprise, he still helps us to find solution regarding any issues about our new home with same enthusiasm! He made our home buying experience so pleasant and smooth beyond our expectation that we recommend his name to all our friends and relatives who are planning to buy home. John Montemayor secured his position in our heart with his excellent work….people may know him as a real estate agent, but we know him as a “buyer's true friend"! ”
Asma Rubyat, 17321 Nugent Lane, Dumfries, VA. (Buyer)
“John was excellent in all these categories because we had a difficult buying process due to it being a seller's market. John readily explained all options before we signed or made a decision about purchasing our house. We appreciated the fact that John treated house buying as if he were buying the house himself! We definitely came to think of him as a member of the family during this process. Again, John exceeded all expectations of a real estate agent. If John missed a call from us he always called back, texted, or emailed in the next 15 minutes to tell us when he would be available to talk or to answer our questions. His knowledge was extremely helpful when it came to the home inspections, John gave us a realistic expectation of what the home inspection could turn up, which was great as there were no unexpected surprises! John was able to get us our dream home through his knowledge of the market. And recommended an escalation clause to help us secure the home we wanted, because of John's knowledge we won the contract by under two hundred dollars! We will forever be grateful for his help!!”
Anna Dawson, Dumfries, VA (Buyer)
“John always had your best interest, he would not let you buy a house that he thought was not a good purchase. He just didn't show you the house, he also performed his own inspection of the house. ”
JH, VA (Buyer)
“The agent's, Mr. Montemayor's, professionalism is unmatched by other agents who I've dealt with during my other sell/purchase of home. His follow-ups to my questions are always timely. His advises are always valuable and relevant. I will select him again for my future home sale/purchase. We viewed over 100 homes, from Woodbridge to West Springfield to Burke prior to selection and purchase. Mr. Montemayor has always encouraged us to make sure we find a home which completely meets our needs and desires. He is extremely patient and never have pressured us or suggest to compromise. We were very confident that he would work with us and for us to find the right home. If you are looking for an agent whose interest in finding a right home for you based on your needs, desires, and budget,, Mr. Montemayor is the one you are looking for, an absolute professiona!”
Yun, Woodbridge VA (Buyer)
“John was fantastic in selling our home quickly. He was proactive in marketing and finding the best way to get exposure for qualified buyers and following through to ensure the sale was completed expeditiously. John was always accessible and timely in his communications with us and with agents for potential buyers. In addition, he patiently and resourcefully worked through issues that came up in the process of selling. I highly recommend John for his knowledge, attentiveness, integrity, and professionalism. ”
Fritz Thornton, Raleigh (Seller)
“Mr. Montemayor is a very dedicated professional that goes far beyond any reasonable expectation to ensure that the satisfaction of his client is met. I highly recommend him if you're in search of an outstanding agent.”
D. Elliott, SC (Seller)
“John did a great job helping my family and I purchase our home. He was very easy to work with and I would definitley recommend him to others. ”
Corey Reynolds (Buyer)
“Very good agent to work with . He is alway responsive with phone calls . Very punctual . Would highly recommend Mr. Montemayor to anyone looking to buy a home ”
Alex , Reva va (Buyer)
“I thought John did an excellent job as a realtor. He was very knowledgable about both the houses and the area. I especially liked that he gave you space to look around and then gave info about the house. He really helped in looking at all aspects of the house. It seemed as though he cared just as much as he would buying his own home. ”
Alex Galvin, Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“I have worked with John Montemayor in the past when he helped my family find the townhouse we currently live in. After the sale, John maintained friendly contact with us even sending birthday and holiday greetings. This represents a level of customer service that is increasingly becoming more and more rare. Throughout the time that I have known John, He has always been a consumate professional who made me feel that he genuinely was concerned for me and my family’s best interests. I feel John’s puts his clients interest above his own and works hard to ensure his clients get the best experience possible from the sale of their property. I refer to John as my realtor and would absoluteyly work with John in the future.”
Kenneth Taylor, Woodbridge, VA (Seller)
“I wanted an agent/broker team with a reputation for integrity and excellence. My agent, John Montemayor, far exceeded my expectations. John Montemayor is an incredible realtor! While real estate transactions are quite complicated, John repeatedly displayed an innate ability to logically explain every step in a manner easily understood. His integrity is beyond reproach...I would trust him in any situation. John Montemayor is a superstar!”
Mitch Hailstone, Montclair (Seller)


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$680,000 | 6 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$374,000 | 5 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$565,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
15694 PIKE TRL
$396,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
$435,000 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths