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Nicolas Liu grew up in a home of a wall of books. He doodled on books early on. And, he advanced to a calm detective in the book castle after reading mathematical proofs. Numbers became one of his beloved mates and he grows into an ardent reader. Later, he follows his mom’s footsteps to work as a CPA.

Nicolas gets his energy playing outdoors. He was an avid soccer player back in China. Once migrated to the states, he drove to Chicago and Detroit watching 1994 FIFA World Cup. But, he delved into football soon. After moving to NW DC, he followed the excitement and celebrated Ravens Super Bowl XXXV.

Moving seems in his blood. Nicolas journeyed with his family from north to south as a teenager. He crossed Potomac River back and forth — from Van Ness (DC) to Springfield (VA) and back onto Rockville (MD). Packing and unpacking. Each time, he learned new words and traditions through his neighbors.

After an expensive episode, Nicolas grows into a REALTORS®.

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