Nick Pasquini (Co-Founder, Director of Finance): I have entrepreneurial blood in my veins. My father has his own business; my uncles have their own businesses.

Shawn Milletary (Co-Founder, Principal Broker): We always wanted to start a real estate company. We saw something that was extremely lacking in the industry.

Eddie Berenbaum (Co-Founder, Principal Broker): Real estate is all about people, so really we're in the people business as much as we are in the housing business.

Nick Pasquini: We're three friends that started a business, and we're really try to be progressive and cutting edge.

Eddie Berenbaum: We wanted to create a client focused, marketing driven company that freed up our agents to do what they do best which is sell homes and build a client base.

Shawn Milletary: In my opinion we have the best people in real estate, we have a group of highly motivated agents that deeply care about our clients and are generally concerned about giving our clients the best experience possible.

Jamie Koppersmith (Realtor): Century 21 itself is obviously a household name everywhere in the world and then Redwood Realty on top of that is a bunch of energetic, bright, intelligent people, owners and agents alike.

Karen Cooper (Realtor): It's the involvement of the owners, they are so involved with the day to day aspect of the business and that's not true everywhere that you go.

Kevin LaRue, (Realtor): I truly believe that the marketing advertising is second to none in the area.

Diane Schline (Realtor): We're definitely not old-school in our train of thought and I think that shows in the way we sell houses.

Jonathan Bunn: This market, lets face it, it's about getting your home in front of as many eyes as possible and that's what we do at Century21 Redwood.

Heather Elias (Realtor): It still retains a feeling of family and the camaraderie between agents, spirit of togetherness is still just as strong as when I first started.

Nick Pasquini: We've grown rapidly in a tough environment and this is a company that is going places and this is a company you will see making waves in the future.