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In the highly competitive Montgomery County, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., area markets, Rich Dutchman provides aggressive representation to buyers and sellers. Using a research-based approach and effectively negotiating on behalf of his clients, Rich assists home buyers, home sellers, investors and business owners in meeting their goals.

Representing Buyers

When representing buyers, Rich conducts in-depth research to locate properties that may have hidden value, while investigating opportunities related to each property that may provide an edge to negotiating the best selling price.

Smart Purchases: Real estate is the largest purchase that many people make in their lives, and Rich provides guidance based on research that will help you to choose a property that makes financial sense.

Listing Agent

Rich provides exceptional research-based service to sellers. While staging, presentation and marketing are important, they are only part of the process in selling a property. Rich does more than perform these basic services of a listing agent.

Research & Analysis: Rich researches the momentum of the market and provides guidance to sellers when setting a listing price that may result in the greatest number of offers. Rich also works with sellers to identify and overcome any issue a buyer may raise prior to negotiating an offer so that the seller always negotiates from the strongest position.

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