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Robert Krasts
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     Robert brings many years of diverse experience in real estate and contracting work to Century 21 Redwood Real Estate in Frederick, MD. Although he holds a Bachelors Degree in Electronic Engineering, he has had a lifelong passion and interest in real estate and residential construction/remodeling. From an early age he learned about quality high end remodeling and contracting work by working together with his father in his contracting firm on many upscale projects in the Washington Metro area. In the early 80’s he worked as a TV studio engineer near Capitol Hill in Washington where he met and interfaced with many politicians and dignitaries, but his interest in real estate always brought him back to that field. In the early 90’s he was part of a volunteer team from the USA to his parent’s birthplace of Latvia to help restore a historic church that was burned down during WW2 where he learned of specialized restoration techniques on a historic building that was built in the early 1700’s.

     For 14 years he was a multi family property owner/manager in downtown Boston where he gained experience in all aspects of rental property management and tenant relations. In addition, he held a realtors license in the State of Massachusetts and was affilitated with a local real estate firm where he gained a lot of experience in a large city real estate market. In short, he knows what it takes to build or remodel a house and he knows what it takes to buy or sell a house.

      From childhood he has loved the historic city of Frederick where he used to compete in east coast tennis championships and has seen it grow from a small town to a vibrant historic tourist destination and decided to move back here in 2000 after living many years in the urban setting of downtown Boston. In Frederick he has been actively involved in real estate restoration and sales and property management and takes pride and joy in the historic and beautiful town that he and his wife live in and where his father and brother’s family also have relocated to. Robert enjoys meeting new people and making new friends and is an avid and award winning gardener and has a lifelong passion for skiing the largest mountains that can be found. He’s also active in the church he regularly attends. Robert is a proud American, but also proud of his Latvian roots and ancestry and loves all things European as well. He’s fluent in English and Latvian and knows some German as well.