2023 Business Planning Week Demonstrates a Commitment to Our Agents
Jeff Kay
November 22, 2022 — Read in 1.8 min · 364 words

As the real estate market continues to evolve, it’s imperative that agents are adapting to reflect those changes. The owners at CENTURY 21 Redwood — Eddie Berenbaum, Nick Pasquini, and Shawn Milletary — recognize this, creating events tailored for business growth in any market.

Business Planning Week has become a yearly staple at Redwood, culminating in what is generally considered the most important event of the year for agents. This year’s 2023 Business Planning Week was no exception. 

In fact, given the changes in the market landscape, this was perhaps more crucial than any event to date.

Redwood hosted eight in-person two-hour sessions across the DMV area over the course of four days November 14th-17th, with a final virtual session on November 18th. Redwood’s three owners went to every session, walking people through how to create their plans, running strategy exercises, highlighting growth opportunities for 2023, and more. It was a full-fledged, top-to-bottom business planning production with no stone left unturned.

Another important facet of this year’s Business Planning Week was the focus on social media marketing. Along with video, social media has emerged as a key cog in real estate strategy and incorporating it into next year’s business plan is paramount.

Redwood brought in its Agent Social Media Strategist, Natalie Hagen, to lead a “Marketing Mastermind.” Agents were encouraged to share which marketing activities have worked well for them, while also sharing new ideas to utilize in 2023.

Though this was a Redwood event, it was open to seasoned outside agents who wanted to experience how Redwood supports agent business growth through meticulous and well-developed gameplanning. 

Redwood is proud to announce that we had over 400 attendees at this year’s Business Planning Week, demonstrating the significance of an event like this in today’s market.

As we approach the new year, Redwood is committed as ever to its agents. Events like Business Planning Week are a testament to that commitment. 
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