5 Reasons Why becoming a real estate agent is a good move in 2022 for people who want to pivot careers
Amber McCulloch
February 24, 2022 — Read in 5 mins · 1007 words

After the challenges of the last few years, many mid-level professionals are considering switching to a career in real estate. Both 2020 and 2021 were years of introspection and self-realization; the distractions that usually populated our lives were put on hold and we got to know ourselves a little better. For some, this led to a realization that their current career was not as fulfilling as it once was and maybe they’d be happier trying something different. Here are 5 reasons why real estate is a good pivot for  midlife professionals:

  1. You are in good company

You are not alone – most real estate agents are career changers! NAR states that the average REALTOR® is 54 years old and only 5% of agents report that real estate is their first career. So 95% of agents successfully switched from other professions. This industry clearly welcomes newcomers!

  1. Quick startup time 

You don’t need years of training and education to get started in real estate. Licensing is handled on a state-by-state basis, but in most cases, you can sign up for a real estate course, sit for your exam and get your license in a few months. Next, you will need to decide which brokerage you want to join or start working for yourself. 

  1. You will be your own boss

If you’ve ever been frustrated by glass ceilings, commission caps, strict schedules, or challenging bosses, you are going to love your new career in real estate! You will be an independent contractor and can make your own schedule and decide where and how to conduct your business. You make the rules and there is no limit to what you can achieve if you are willing put in the work.

  1. You already have transferable skills

No matter what industry you’re transitioning out of, you have years of experience to apply to your new career in real estate. A few of the skills you’ve no doubt honed over the years include knowing how to communicate effectively and present yourself professionally, using problem-solving tactics and approaching challenging situations with patience and empathy. These will serve you well as you pivot to this new career.

  1. You have an established network

Success in real estate is closely tied to your network of contacts. Since you’ve already been in the business world, you’ve built a professional and personal network that you can tap into for business and referrals once you get started in real estate.

Is a career in real estate right for you? 

These are some of the reasons real estate is good for career changers in general, but will it be a good fit for you, specifically?

Scott Miller is the director of ASCEND, CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty’s new agent training program. He has helped dozens of agents transition into the profession. Here’s Scott’s checklist of characteristics that help newly licensed agents succeed in the real estate industry: 

  • You like flexibility – your schedule will be up to you, and it is usually unpredictable. Successful agents love flexibility and nimbly adjust to changes as needed.
  • You’re self-motivated – as your own boss, no one will be there to tell you what to do and when. You’ll need to find the motivation within to take care of your business.
  • You’re good with people – this is a relationship-focused business, so brush up on your interpersonal skills and learn how to be an active listener.
  • You’re comfortable working outside of regular business hoursnights and weekends are the new normal for most agents, especially when first starting out. You need to be available for showings, open houses, negotiating contracts, and putting in offers at the drop of a hat!
  • You like talking on the phone – if you aren’t a huge fan of phone calls, this might not be the business for you. Agents spent hours on the phone each day connecting with their sphere of influence, following up on leads, prospecting for new leads, negotiating contracts, setting up showings, keeping their clients up to date, and more. 
  • You’re good with managing money – switching from a regular paycheck to commission-based income can be challenging! Budgeting and money management skills really come in handy here. 
  • You’re not afraid of self-promotion – to be successful, you can’t be shy about letting people know what you do for a living. 
  • You don’t mind driving – you will be spending A LOT of time in your car!
  • You love looking at houses and neighborhoods – this is literally the name of the game in real estate.

These are just a few of the characteristics that help new agents succeed. But there’s one other major factor that could impact your success as a new agent: choosing the right brokerage to start your career. 

As a new agent transitioning into real estate, you need to choose a brokerage that understands your needs and offers the tools and training to help you succeed.

Not all brokerages are created equal when it comes to onboarding agents new to real estate. CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty is committed to helping career changers find their footing in the real estate industry and has created an entire program specifically for new agents.

Scott says, “Having a team dedicated solely to mentoring new agents through the beginning of their careers makes us unique among brokerages in our area. New agents have different needs and questions, so we have assembled the staff and tools that will help guide and accelerate your career in real estate.”

C21 Redwood’s ASCEND program provides tools and training for new real estate agents

The ASCEND program offers classes, one-on-one mentoring, and sales training designed exclusively for newly licensed agents. And as a Redwood agent, you’ll have access to industry-leading marketing tools and a powerful CRM.

If you’re considering a career change, and you think real estate is right for you, we’d love to have you as part of the Redwood family! Learn more about our ASCEND Program here.

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