Create a Profile on Trulia
Wednesday - 10/2/2013 9:08 am
Tara L. Christianson

You may have heard it whispered online in forums or shouted in real estate sales meetings: “The Big 3.”  What could people be referring to?  In the real estate world, it can only mean Trulia, Zillow and  These 3 companies have become sites that real estate agents and real estate brokerages have had to learn to live with in the real estate world, especially with the continued curation of online information that consumers now expect and demand.  The Big 3 shouldn’t be and can’t be ignored by real estate professionals.  Learning how to use Trulia, Zillow and in your real estate business could help boost your business, but you have to start with the basics.  That means?  You have to know how to create a profile on those “Big 3″ sites.  Today, we’ll talk about how to create a profile on Trulia.

trulia-real-estate-searchFirst, you’ll need to go to and click on the “For Professionals” option in the upper right-hand corner of the site.

Click on For Professionals on to start to Create Your Trulia Profile

You’ll be taken to what looks like a sales page for TruliaPro, and it is!  However, it’s also the place to create your Trulia profile.  In the upper right-hand corner are a few options, including “Sign Up”, “Log in” and “Help.”  You’ll want to click “Sign Up.”

Click Sign Up on Trulia Professionals to Create Your Trulia ProfileYou’ll be taken to a page that looks like you should automatically fill in your information.  DON’T DO IT.  Instead, look for the option in the upper right-hand corner that says “Real Estate Professionals – sign up here.”

Real Estate Professionals Sign Up to Create Your Trulia Profile

Once you click on that, you’ll be taken to the page where you fill in all of your pertinent real estate agent information, including your contact information, real estate company and real estate license number.  After you’ve filled in this information and confirmed it’s you, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll need to fill in some more information (and be given the chance to claim your listings!).

Trulia Main Page for Real Estate ProfessionalsOn the far left, the first choice you’ll see in that box is something called “Profile.”  By clicking on that, you’ll be led to another page that gives you several prompts to “Edit Profile.”  This is what you’ll want to select to put in more information about yourself and your real estate business.

Trulia Edit Profile for Real Estate Professionals

This is the heart of your real estate professional Trulia profile.  You’ll be taken to a page with a number of selections, under which you’ll be able to edit several aspects of your Trulia profile.  Don’t forget to select them all to make sure you haven’t missed something!

Different Selections for Real Estate Professionals When Creating Your Trulia ProfileFirst and foremost?  Upload your real estate photo at the top where prompted.  Then, under Email Addresses, be sure to add in any and all email addresses that may be associated with your real estate business.  This is one of the ways that Trulia matches you with your listings, so it’s important to include all pertinent and up-to-date information when creating your profile.  You can also use Facebook Connect – using your Facebook login as the login for your Trulia profile.

Password is pretty self-explanatory, but Personal Information allows you to create a personalized web address.   This is especially important if you are planning on being very active on Trulia; it gives you a dedicated, personalized address to send to real estate clients to provide more information about yourself (and perhaps draw attention to some Trulia recommendations!).  You’ll also want to fill in any and all social media information about yourself, and make sure you check “I want to receive leads via the phone or email” at the bottom of the page.

Opt-In to Receive Leads from Trulia for your real estate businessWork History, Experience and Skills and About Me allow you to introduce yourself a little more and showcase some of your history and current skills and interests.  This is a great way to create a connection with potential clients and show off some of the things that make you an awesome, must-use real estate agent.  Don’t neglect these areas.  This is a great way to provide extra information and sell yourself.

The last bit is a little bit of extra credit when you’re learning to create your Trulia profile.  “Add a Recommendation” allows you to write a recommendation for a current or former client.  However, this recommendation doesn’t automatically get added to your profile.  Instead, it’ll be sent to the “author’s email address” for verification.  Although you may be tempted to post false recommendations, don’t give in to it.  Many people are more and more aware of falsified or bought recommendations, and can sniff them out pretty easily.  If you’ve got some ambassadors in your past, however, reach out to them and either invite them to write a recommendation that you can post for them or write one for people you know will endorse you.  People are more likely to choose someone with positive recommendations than those with no recommendations.

Add Trulia Recommendation to Create Your Trulia ProfileThere you go!  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  In about 10 minutes, you can create a Trulia profile with minimal effort and start to gain exposure on your listings and in the Trulia real estate world.  This is just the first step to conquering the world of the Big 3, but it’s a great first step to make.

If you have any questions about your real estate Trulia profile, please feel free to contact me at:  (We’re excited here at Century 21 Redwood because we’re working with Trulia’s former lead Content Manager and Agent Educator!)

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