Assessing Company Culture: How to decide which real estate brokerage is right for you
Amber McCulloch
April 10, 2023 — Read in 4.6 mins · 927 words

You might think that real estate—with its emphasis on personal branding and independence—is a lone-wolf business and that your success as an agent depends entirely on how smart you are or how hard you work. But the truth is that the brokerage you join can play a huge role in your initial and continued success in the industry.

There are many types of brokerages, each with their own culture, priorities, expectations, and advantages. Every agent is unique, with different professional goals, support needs, and personal values. Not every brokerage culture is best for every agent.

How do you figure out which brokerage is right for you?

First, consider factors such as the brokerage’s reputation, market presence, and location. A reputable brokerage with strong brand awareness in the local market can provide agents with greater visibility and credibility. But to really find the right fit, you must go deeper and assess the brokerage’s company culture.

A brokerage with a collaborative culture that values training and mentorship can create an environment that will help some agents grow and flourish. Whereas a no-frills brokerage that promises low commission splits and offers little support and few services could be appealing to an agent with a competitive streak and strong systems in place.

Whether you’re a freshly licensed agent or an experienced professional, the right company culture can provide you with the motivation and resources you need to perform at your highest level.

Here are some things to consider when evaluating a brokerage’s culture:

  • Local reputation: Research the brokerage to get a sense of how it is viewed locally. Is there widespread awareness of the brand among consumers? How do other real estate professionals view the brokerage? Online reviews from clients and agents can provide valuable feedback on the brokerage’s professionalism and overall reputation.
  • Company values: What are the core principles and beliefs that guide the brokerage’s operations, decision-making, and interactions? This should be clearly stated on the brokerage’s website.
  • Leadership style: Do you think the leadership style and management practices of the brokerage’s executives and managers fit with your personality and goals? Search the leader’s social media profiles and talk to other agents to get a sense of how they operate. 
  • Training and development: Consider the training and professional development opportunities offered by the brokerage, as well as the level of support provided to help agents grow and develop their skills. Does this fit your needs at this stage of your career? 
  • Collaboration: Are you looking for a brokerage that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, or would you rather just put your head down and focus on your own business?
  • Commission and benefits: Consider the tools, support, and resources offered by the brokerage, as well as the commission structure and any additional incentives or bonuses that may be available. Is this what you’re looking for?

All of these elements combine to create a unique company culture that can have a significant impact on your career success and satisfaction.

Is CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty a good fit for you?

We are proud of our success and attribute it to our amazing family of agents and the collaborative culture that we’ve created. Together, we strive to make the world a better place.

Here’s a bit more about our company culture.

We prioritize agent success.

At Redwood, we believe that our success depends upon our agents’ success. So we offer comprehensive coaching, business planning, and training programs designed to help agents achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  With company-wide live training events, office-level seminars, innovative tools, and much more, Redwood agents have continuous access to materials designed to grow their business by better serving their clients.

We strive to make administrative tasks less taxing.

We have systems and technology in place to help streamline daily tasks and make your life easier. All of our agents have access to our robust Redwood CRM and integrated marketing platform so you can ditch the spreadsheets and easily generate tons of marketing pieces for every listing. Have a question? The Redwood Support Center has an answer (it’s like Google for our brokerage!).

We recognize and celebrate our agents’ success.

Two of Redwood’s agents standing with Redwood’s three owners at the 2023 Redwood Rally.

We know we’re only as good as our agents, so we regularly acknowledge and reward their achievements on our social media and at our special events. We do what we can to make sure our agents feel appreciated and valued.

We believe in accountability.

At Redwood, we have a culture of accountability and hold our agents to high standards of professionalism, ethics, and performance. To help, we provide several options. Our Redwood Business Plan tracker is great for self-accountability and has a great partner-feature that allows agents to pair up. And we also have office and cross-office accountability groups that meet weekly, while our Redwood Growth Academy huddles daily!

We give back.

We are a brokerage with a heart and a mission to be a force of good in our local communities and on a global scale. Our philanthropic arm is called Redwood Gives Back, and we currently support two global charities and 1-2 charities per office. Our agents have wholeheartedly embraced our efforts and repeatedly dedicate their time and money to ensure that people around them live better lives.

Fill out the form below to learn more about what it’s like to be an agent at Redwood.

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