For Agents Industry News January 11, 2022
Why I Am Not Afraid of Zillow

Any time Zillow is in the news for business acquisition or for rolling out a new online feature, some real estate agents hit the panic button. A quick look at any Zillow-related Facebook comment section reveals agents’ fears about Zillow taking over, controlling the home buying and selling process, stealing data and ultimately putting them… Continue

Real estate agent using technology
For Agents Innovation January 4, 2022
Our predictions of the 2020 real estate agent – what we got right and where we were wrong!

Six years ago, we published an article that predicted what a day in the life of a U.S. real estate agent would look like in 2020. (Read the original post here.) We imagined a life where our daily routines were interconnected and assisted with the newest technology.   Well, no one could have predicted what actually… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Market News January 3, 2022
How Will Inflation Affect the Housing Market in 2022?

How Will Inflation Affect the Housing Market in 2022? When it comes to concerns about the economy in 2022, all eyes are on inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021 saw the U.S. inflation rate rise to 6.8% – its highest since 1982. Gas, food and housing all saw price increases. The cost… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Lifestyle December 29, 2021
January 2022: What to Do? The DMV Area Has Lots!

The DMV region has no shortage of exciting events – including many that are absolutely free in Washington, D.C. Here’s a narrowed-down list of January activities. Keep in mind that venues’ COVID-related health and safety measures may vary. Check in advance to see what rules are in place. Click here to find out the latest… Continue

What to do in D.C. June 2021
For Buyers & Sellers Lifestyle May 13, 2021
What to do in June in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. buzzes with year-round activity. For those who live in or near our nation’s capital, the endless entertainment can be overwhelming. Here’s a narrowed-down list of June fun focusing on some major anniversaries! Keep in mind that the city — like the rest of the country — is just beginning to reopen. Many venues… Continue

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