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Licensed in DC, Virginia and Maryland, Bob brings over 20 years’ experience selling and buying homes both as a local resident and homeowner. Having lived and worked abroad extensively, he speaks multiple foreign languages, enabling him to work successfully with a broad range of clients in the cosmopolitan metro DC area.

Clients praise his advocacy, integrity, negotiation skill and attention to detail while maintaining the big picture. Bob listens to their needs, identifies suitable opportunities and guides them through every stage of the home selling or buying process. His marketing expertise, eye for photography and virtual presentation, client focus and project management experience allow him to consistently exceed client expectations, earning him the Century 21 Quality Service Award. Referrals and repeat clients are a core part of his business. One couple he represented as a listing agent in 2020 and earlier as a buyer agent noted, “We adore Bob and will use no one else if we return to the area…He will be our go-to forever and we will judge all other agents against him.”

Bob gives back to the community as an active member of his homeowner association and a longtime sponsor of health and wellness at Safeway, providing free hand sanitizer to patrons. During the pandemic he has helped seniors buy groceries, driven them to appointments, and in one case made a trek at Arlington Cemetery to find and photograph a wreath-adorned plot of a loved one. Bob loves animals and is often loved back by his feline rescue Max. He enjoys working out, inspired by a frequent jog along the Potomac and DC monuments.

A full-time realtor, Bob holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, a BS in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

For outstanding service or just to talk, call Bob today, 703.282.6053.



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“Bob, you and, with the help of my son and daughter in law , made our out of town purchase experience easy and simple. thank you Bob Best wishes Attilio and Maria”
Attilio and maria Yonkers NY (Buyer)
“We adore Bob and will use no one else if we return to the area. He is personable, experienced, friendly, thoughtful, and understanding. He considered what our needs when we originally purchased the place and got us more than we expected when we sold. He will be our go-to forever and we will judge all other agents against him. ”
The Blooms, Quantico VA (Seller)
“As a first time home buyer, I understood the big picture and the bottom lines well, but really needed someone to constantly keep their attention and expertise on all the details in between. Bob absolutely excelled at guiding me through the process, keeping me informed, on track and the frequency and timeliness of his communication was unparalleled. It's clear that he has a project management background. Fairly early on, I came to rely on him for all sorts of subjective advice, as he earned my trust rapidly, and over the course of this month-long journey, it became very comfortable to speak with him casually and in confidence. Bob always advised me, but he never pressured me. When we disagreed on a course of action, he always deepened my understanding of the situation and deferred to my ultimate decision. He gave me his frank assessment of the seller and seller's agent's moves throughout, and represented me tirelessly to them. Together, we negotiated a significant overall reduction to my costs and a number of additional repairs. To be honest, I went into this process not thinking that I needed a realtor, and feeling that in the world of Zillows and RedFin etc., 3% is a steep commission when I can find my dream home on my own. Over the course of that month, Bob earned every penny and I always felt I was a priority. There are a lot of legal and practical steps that I don't know how I would have managed on my own, and I think others who are unfamiliar with the process would have a comparably positive experience with Bob. ”
Radim, Arlington (Buyer)
“Bob did a great job meeting the needs of my exceptional situation. In my case I was working in Albuquerque, NM, but with the help of Bob, closed on a condo without ever even seeing the unit. Bob went out of his way to work through the time difference and treated me as if I was his only client, even though he had many. I strongly recommend using the services of Mr. Gregorio to anyone interested in an investment in the DC area. ”
Tyler Cousins, Alexandria, VA (Buyer)
“I would highly recommend Bob Gregorio as a realtor - listing agent or buyer agent. I’ve bought and sold homes prior and even before he asked me to give a testimonial I literally texted him, “Thank you for the long hours and pain in the neck tasks. You did a great job and exceeded all expectation.” Although we sellers in this case were brothers – he, me and our older brother, all living in different states – by any standard the preparation and sale of this fairly large home was highly professional and showcased his trustworthiness, realtor expertise, organization, business acumen, work ethic, marketing, negotiation. He strategized and taskmastered the preparation as both seller and listing agent. Everything he recommended turned out to be spot on. He approached us like business partners, understandably said we should contribute financially evenly on the improvements, and made the case why to move forward with his detailed list of actions and recommendations, and moved forward only when we were on board. It all resulted in multiple offers, the home under contract in 7 days, above ask price and on ideal terms. At day 1, the home had all our dear mom’s furniture and personal belongings and was completely custom-decorated. He made the calculation we not sell the home in its then condition and that we make improvements. Without our having to remind him to stay within his proposed budget, he did so. He fully managed the contractors he identified. He reported to us and managed our expectation throughout. When Bob was done and we went on market, the home was transformed and we were blown away by the pictures. Without his leadership and execution, the home could easily have taken much longer to go on market and then sat there. Any prospective seller or buyer would benefit from Bob’s experience, vision, detail orientation and have full confidence in his expertise.”
Dan Gregorio Columbus, Ohio (Seller)
“He was very patient and thought of every detail during a tough negotiation. He's one of the good guys. ”
H Hemphill, Washington DC (Buyer)
“Bob came highly recommended from a friend. Bob lived up to the recommendation. He was organized, professional, and went above and beyond. He was tremendous in keeping everything on track. As stated before, Bob was tremendous. I am based out of Hong Kong and there is a substantial time difference. Bob was available and communicative throughout. He was thorough and organized. Tremendous. I sound like a broken record, but Bob was tremendous. Organized and helpful. Proactive. Communication and availability were beyond compare. Just really good at explaining various issues steps and resolution. Bob was outstanding and I would recommend him without hesitation. The overall experience with Bob could not have been better. Responsive and proactive. Always available and made this process as easy as he could. ”
D. Lee, Hong Kong (Buyer)
“We enlisted Bob Gregorio to sell our home in Washington, DC. We have been in the position of buying and selling properties several times before, and we were very impressed with Bob Gregorio’s skills in navigating the listing process in a highly competitive housing market. Bob had a keen eye for staging our home to show it in the best light possible and personally supervised the listing photo shoot. The brochure he produced was very professional and impressive and we received positive feedback on it from others. With such good marketing materials and photos which Bob used for advertising our listing, we were able to attract several potential buyers and received an offer within a couple of weeks of going on the market. He managed the contract process very well and kept us informed every step of the way. He ensured buyer contingencies in the contract were removed in a timely fashion. He managed the timeline of events well and brought our property to a successful sale within the time frames specified in the contract. Bob is very trustworthy and advocated for us in the negotiations process. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone looking for a competent and personable realtor. ”
Bill and Tom, Washington, DC (Seller)
“We first met Bob at an open house in a seller's market area; after telling him we were first-time home buyers, he offered to give a free overview of the home buying process, and we could not be happier that we accepted his offer! He met us that same week at a convenient location for us and gave us two hours of his time to walk us through each phase of the process, the differences among purchasing in MD, DC, and VA, all of the terminology, and to answer all of our questions. We knew we wanted his expertise and help through this process due to his professionalism, high qualifications, friendliness, trustworthiness, and diligence. From that point onward, Bob was available to talk and to answer questions via phone, email, text message, or in person at virtually any time of day everyday. Throughout the process, I don't think we waited more than 5 - 10 minutes for a response from Bob, no matter the day or time. He truly managed the home buying process to completion for us, tracking all details and milestones (including ensuring all contingencies were met and removed on time), keeping us updated and following up with us as needed, recommending title companies, mortgage lenders, and inspectors (who all exceeded our expectations!), and coordinating with the title company, mortgage lender, inspectors, and listing agent to take all burdens off of us. He never pressured us to buy a home or pursue a particular home and went along with our preference (even when it changed from one place to another overnight). His thoroughness, promptness, and honest opinions made him a truly trusted adviser for us. He even 100% correctly predicted how the offer negotiation would go and advised us accurately so that we purchased the house for the exact price we wanted. He was there with us every step of the way, keeping notes on all the details (even home inspection findings / questions that he followed up on with the inspector and with us, to make sure they didn't fall off our radar), and providing guidance along the way. We both highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to buy or sell their home and will definitely work with him again in the future for any real estate needs! We cannot thank him enough for all of his time and help in enabling us to get a great first home!”
Kathy & Luigi (Rockville, MD) (Buyer)
“From the moment I met Bob, I knew he was the right agent for our home search in the DMV. Being first time home buyers, Bob did a great job at walking us through the process, always being available for questions, and really helping us to figure out exactly what we wanted. Our home search took almost two years, and Bob always stuck by us, checked in to see if we had questions, and was never more then a phone call away. He always gave us all the pro's and con's of the properties we were looking at, and his honesty was always appreciated. I always knew he had our best interest in mind. I would recommend Bob to any of my friends or family looking for a home! It was a pleasure to work with him and we came out of the process with not only a beautiful new home, but someone I can call a friend!”
Rachel D (Buyer)
“Bob was a great help, considering I was not locally based. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He help me fulfill my listing for an investment property. He develop a very attractive listing with top-notch photography that really got people through the door. He also helped with getting our high-end condo into better condition by overseeing a number of contractors to handle balcony surface refinishing, balcony glass replacement, blinds, cleaning, sliding door rollers and locks. He was efficient in showing the property to clients and negotiating our high-end property off the market after only it was listed for 30 days. We received listing price and he drew up and handled all the paperwork. He was a lifesaver for me and was able to remove a lot of stress for me with listing the property. I took his advice on many items and I considered him very trustworthy. I will definitely work with him again. ”
Tanya P. (Seller)
“Coming from Canada with no knowledge of the DC real estate market I had strong reservations about finding the right home within my constricted time frame until I met Bob Gregorio. Bob was courteous and professional and had the ability to understand and appreciate my client needs. Having worked with many diverse realtors in the past, I would place Bob in the top tier for his exceptional ability to translate my needs into finding the right home at the right price, but most of all, at the right time! Bob went above and beyond what I had been accustomed to from other realtors in terms of both his accessibility and his focused expertise on getting me the home I wanted, despite my very demanding requirements. I would wholly recommend buying or selling your home with Bob Gregorio. He's a first class professional in my opinion, and I no not shower praise lightly. Bob is particularly good with clients moving into the DC area from other regions and countries, as was my situation.”
Matt Robinson, Alexandria (Buyer)
“Throughout the searching, during the offer, and all the way to closing, Bob Gregorio made the purchasing experience pleasant, hassle-free, and comfortable. He answered all my questions and explained the process fully. Ever better, I could always count on him to take care of everything I asked for, no matter how small the detail. Best of all, Bob was an extremely military-friendly broker. He was able to handle all aspects of the transaction (when I was out of state) flawlessly. I would strongly recommend Bob to anyone who wants a stand-up, class act broker. Bob is the best!”
Terry O, Falls Church (Buyer)
“Highly highly recommended. Tell him what you truly want and he would put time and energy to it to make it happen. Great caring guy. This wasn't my first purchase and I have worked with many realtors. I recommend this gentleman. ”
IKK (Buyer)
“Though we were placed with Bob Gregorio as a broker, we could not imagine having a better experience. He really helped guide us through the process of getting our new home and made everything very easy. His knowledge and commitment to our needs and requirements in viewing and searching for our new home were second to none. ”
Lisa Biddle and Anthony Margadonna (Buyer)
“ He is very knowledgeable and experienced I was a first time home buyer very nervous he made the process easier gave me contact information very helpful I would highly recommend bob gregorio to anyone I know buying or selling”
Marilyn Asimeng Alex va (Buyer)
“He understood my needs and give me proper suggestions. And he negotiated for me to get it when I hoped. He is great agent so I want to make deals with Bob again.”
Morihiro Fukuda, Arlington, VA (Buyer)
“Bob was a great Realtor, understood our needs as a family moving from oversea's and was extremely helpful from start to finish. I would recommend Bob Gregorio for his friendly, professional approach. ”
Nic Dove, Rockville (Buyer)


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