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For Buyers & Sellers Your Move October 12, 2022
Should I Hire Professional Movers?

Each year, tens of millions of renters, homebuyers and homesellers move in the U.S. Americans in particular are considered to be highly mobile, with the average American moving once every five years. The “average American mover” is typically a couple between 18 and 34 years old with a child or two, but overall, the uprooting… Continue

Tips for first time homebuyers
For Buyers & Sellers Your Move October 5, 2022
10 Steps to Simplify the Home Buying Process for the First-Time Home Buyer

Home ownership can be one of the wisest financial decisions you ever make, but the process of buying your first home can feel daunting. Fixed or adjustable rates, property taxes, credit approval, interest rates … so many moving parts and decisions can take away from this momentous life-step, leaving you feeling overwhelmed when you should… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move September 21, 2022
Making Your Military Move: Neighborhoods Near Military Stations

The DMV area is home to several major military bases – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines – with many on-base housing options. However, for those families who choose to live off-base, there are loads of alternatives. Here’s a brief overview of some of the areas that surround Andrews Airforce Base, Fort Belvoir, and Fort Meade. … Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move September 7, 2022
15 Mistakes Military Homebuyers Should Avoid

If you’re part of a military family and you hear the words “orders” or “PCS” (Permanent Change of Station), chances are, your anxiety goes up a notch and your mental preparation — if not actual packing — begins. “Military families face a lot of challenges when PCSing or even making their final location decisions after… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move August 29, 2022
How to Choose a Real Estate Agent: 15 Questions You Should Ask

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important to have an expert real estate agent by your side. Most people will commit to the first agent they talk to, but that’s not always wise. Remember, this transaction will be one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make. Finding an amiable, experienced… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move August 17, 2022
Relocating? Ways to Save Money When Moving

Moving to a new house is exciting, but it can also be stressful, with many moving parts, requiring advanced planning and plenty of checklists. If you’re a homebuyer who has never moved an entire household before, you also might be surprised at how expensive it can be. No matter how you look at it, moving… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move August 10, 2022
How to move with a pet

We all understand that moving to a new home is stressful, but for a pet – who just doesn’t understand – moving can be extremely confusing and riddled with anxiety. There are ways, however, to help the process of moving go considerably smoother for your four-legged friends, from choosing a new pet-friendly home to transporting… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move August 8, 2022
Best Public School Districts in the DMV

One great thing about living in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia is that overall, local school systems achieve high ratings. A state-by-state performance comparison by U.S. News and World Report ranks Maryland’s school systems at #5 in the nation, Virginia at #11, and D.C. at #16. These rankings are calculated based on the proportion of… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Life At Home Your Move August 1, 2022
5 Things Every First Time Homebuyer Needs to Know

So you’re ready to buy your first house? Owning a place of your own is an exciting – and wise – prospect! But the road leading to homeownership can seem daunting: twists and turns and mountains to climb before you’re comfortably settled into “home, sweet home!” Here’s a roadmap for the savvy homebuyer: 1. Know… Continue

For Buyers & Sellers Your Move July 20, 2022
Should You Go Solo with a FSBO? The Pros and Cons of Selling Your House Without a REALTOR

It’s time to sell your home, and you’re weighing the pros and cons of using a REALTOR. After all, if you sell it yourself, won’t you save money by not having to pay the listing agent’s commission? Not so fast! The benefits of using an agent are numerous and this value usually outweighs the commission… Continue

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