Cathedral / Wesley Heights
Cathedral / Wesley Heights

Cathedral/Wesley Heights Homes for Sale

3005 45TH ST NW
$13,500,000 | 8 Beds | 8/5 Baths
$3,299,000 | 7 Beds | 5.5 Baths
$2,495,000 | 5 Beds | 3.5 Baths
2965 38TH ST NW
$2,145,000 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$1,995,000 | 5 Beds | 4.5 Baths
$1,650,000 | 5 Beds | 4 Baths

Sold Listings

$3,525,000 | 6 Beds | 7.5 Baths
$2,895,000 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths

Cathedral/Wesley Heights Real Estate

Homes for sale in Cathedral/Wesley Heights

Guide to Cathedral / Wesley Heights

Cathedral in Washington DC's Cathedral/Wesley Heights
Apartments in Washington DC's Cathedral/Wesley Heights

Cathedral/Wesley Heights is a small, residential neighborhood located in northwest Washington, D.C. This heavily wooded area is surrounded by large single-family homes and although there’s no metro station, the direct location to other vibrant neighborhoods makes this area a great choice for families and young professionals.

South of AU

Cathedral/Wesley Heights is belted by Fulton Street to the south, Chain Bridge Road to the west, Massachusetts Avenue to the east and American University to the north. A unique aspect about Cathedral/Wesley Heights is that it is bordered by many different neighborhoods. Glover Park is to the south, Woodley and Cleveland Park to the east, Palisades/Foxhall and Spring Valley to the west while Tenleytown/AU Park sits just north of the community.

Bus & Cars

Many residents here have a car and use their vehicle to travel in and around the area. Also, quite a number of residents ride the bus while other people use a carpooling system to get to work. The N2, N3, N4, N6, and the M4 all travel within the neighborhood. There is also no metro station in the Cathedral/Wesley Heights area with the Tenleytown station the nearest one just north of Nebraska Avenue.

Apartment Complexes & Other Housing Options

Cathedral/Wesley Heights’ housing options are primarily made up of small (studio to two bedrooms) to medium-sized condominium and cooperative buildings including multiple apartment buildings as well as single-family homes. The diversity of the housing options along with its proximity to American University makes this neighborhood a notable destination for possible homeowners. Many students also reside in this area because of its location to the University.

Restricted Options but Venture to Nearby Neighborhoods for Nightlife

Chef Geoff’s, off of New Mexico Avenue, is a great place for diverse menu options. This American style menu offers a friendly environment with consistently good food. Its creative twists on American dishes and it’s active bar produces many customers. The rainbow trout as well as multiple other seafood options are not to be missed. 

Almost directly across from the National Cathedral is Cafe Deluxe. This family-friendly diner compromises with a variety of customer groups. Along with the fabulous burgers and cocktails, it also includes a patio and it’s also very affordable. Just across the street is a must for pizza lovers. 2 Amys is a restaurant offering wood-oven; Neapolitan-style pies and the choice of Italian wines are also on point. An AU favorite of students is next door at Cactus Cantina. A Tex-Mex restaurant always jumping with students and families, this place mostly draws people with their frozen swirl margarita and sopapillas.

Battery Kemble Park & School District

This neighborhood is somewhat bounded by southern sections of the Rock Creek Park. To the west is Battery Kemble Park, a divider to Palisades/Foxhall. This park has abundant pine trees and different species of birds which makes it a great place to bird watch. Maddox Branch, a tributary of the Potomac also runs through the park while there are plenty of trails to travel

Glover Archbold Park is also just south of the neighborhoods jurisdiction. This park offers fantastic views of wooded areas along with providing trails for running and hiking.

Bender Arena is a multi-purpose arena located within the proximity of American University. It’s home to the AU Eagles basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams. It’s also staged many music concerts as well.

Besides the aforementioned American University, Cathedral/Wesley Heights is also home to Horace Mann Elementary School and is near the St. Albans School just west of Massachusetts Avenue. St. Albans is an independent college, preparatory day and boarding school for boys in grades 4-12.

Overall Cathedral/Wesley Heights is a neighborhood one should consider when looking for real estate in the northwestern part of the District. Its dedicated green space is excellent, and with large, gorgeous homes also available throughout, this attractive area makes a great neighborhood choice for living. 

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Embassy Church in Cathedral/Wesley Heights Neighborhood
Newark Street Garden in Cathedral/Wesley Heights
Burka's Wine & Spirits in Cathedral/Wesley Heights
2 Army's Neapolitan Restaurant in Cathedral/Wesley Heights
Wagshal's Market in Cathedral/Wesley Heights
Chef Geoff's in Cathedral/Wesley Heights Neighborhood

Real Estate Market Stats

Basic Stats Overview

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Last Updated: 9/29/2020
Homes for Sale 34 +5.9% +79.4%
Months Inventory 2.52 +4.8% +42.5%
Contracts Pending 12 +16.7% +66.7%
Solds: 90 Day 41 -19.5% +73.2%
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.34% +0.1% -1.4%
Active/Pending Ratio 2.83 -13.1% +38.2%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,227,112 -3.2% -175.1%
Pending $609,896 +8.3% -204.9%
90 Day Sold $597,126 -6.1% -218.9%
Median Price
Active $609,000 -16.1% -375.4%
Pending $349,900 -12.6% -360.1%
90 Day Sold $399,950 -7.5% -325.1%
Days on Market
Active 119.59 +8.2% +4.6%
Pending 69.13 +13.7% +25.5%
90 Day Sold 25.61 -3.7% -33.1%
Homes for Sale 4 +25.0% -25.0%
Months Inventory 2.29 +28.4% +3.1%
Contracts Pending 0 N/A N/A
Solds: 90 Day 3 -66.7% -133.3%
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.65% +0.5% -0.0%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $5,236,000 -22.8% +18.0%
Pending $1,250,000 -91.6% -112.9%
90 Day Sold $2,112,000 +13.7% -4.2%
Median Price
Active $2,897,000 -13.9% -17.3%
Pending $1,250,000 -91.6% -59.9%
90 Day Sold $2,300,000 +32.2% +21.7%
Days on Market
Active 49.25 +37.7% -156.6%
Pending 7.00 -1,000.0% -576.1%
90 Day Sold 29.67 +48.1% -44.0%
Homes for Sale 3 -33.3% +33.3%
Months Inventory 4.50 -33.3% +82.2%
Contracts Pending 0 N/A N/A
Solds: 90 Day 2 0.0% -100.0%
Average List Price/Sold Price 95.28% 0.0% -7.8%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $1,779,833 +3.9% +39.1%
Pending $1,749,500 N/A +39.5%
90 Day Sold $1,518,750 0.0% +8.8%
Median Price
Active $1,995,000 +12.3% +45.6%
Pending $1,749,500 N/A +33.8%
90 Day Sold $1,518,750 0.0% +8.7%
Days on Market
Active 34.00 +81.6% -145.6%
Pending 33.50 N/A -66.2%
90 Day Sold 13.50 0.0% -40.7%
Homes for Sale 27 +7.4% N/A
Months Inventory 2.44 +5.3% N/A
Contracts Pending 12 +25.0% N/A
Solds: 90 Day 36 -16.7% N/A
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.84% +0.1% N/A
Active/Pending Ratio 2.25 -23.6% N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $571,789 -0.7% N/A
Pending $470,881 +1.8% N/A
90 Day Sold $419,685 -7.1% N/A
Median Price
Active $549,000 -2.0% N/A
Pending $339,000 0.0% N/A
90 Day Sold $357,500 -6.9% N/A
Days on Market
Active 139.52 +2.6% N/A
Pending 75.48 +22.2% N/A
90 Day Sold 25.94 -9.9% N/A

How Much is Available?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active Inventory
The number of Cathedral / Wesley Heights homes listed for sale. Lower inventory favors sellers in negotiations.

How Many Months of Inventory?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Months Inventory
The number of homes listed for sale in Cathedral / Wesley Heights divided by the number of homes sold in one month. Higher inventory favors buyers.

More Actives or More Pendings?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active/Pending Ratio
Ratio of homes in Cathedral / Wesley Heights listed for sale versus those under contract. The lower the number, the hotter the market.

Are Sellers Negotiating?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, List/Sold Ratio
Shows a comparison between the final sales price of homes sold in Cathedral / Wesley Heights versus their list price.

What is Average?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Average Sale Price (90 Days)
Average list price of homes for sale in Cathedral / Wesley Heights

How Fast Are They Selling?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Days on Market (Sold Listings 90 Days)
Average days from Listing Date to Sold Date for Cathedral / Wesley Heights homes that sold in the past 90 days.


Mclean Gardens

Just a bit north of Cathedral/Wesley Heights is a true gem. Mclean Gardens offers first time buyers an opportunity to live in affordable, quality condos. The 23-acre, wooded community has more than 1,000 residents living in 31 unique, garden apartment-style buildings built in the early 1940s and converted to condominiums in 1980 to include duplexes, flats, and lofts. Amenities at McLean Gardens include a community pool, barbecue areas and an elegant ballroom available to residents and the general public for private functions.

Nearby Cathedral/Wesley Heights

Tenleytown / AU Park
18 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $1,280,000
Woodley Park
36 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $1,312,500
Palisades / Foxhall
36 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $1,761,250

Schools near Cathedral/Wesley Heights

Mann Elementary School
28 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $1,224,750
Eaton Elementary School
39 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $472,500
Hardy Middle School
146 Homes for Sale
Today's Median Price $895,000