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If you can last several decades in the Real Estate business, you must be doing some right. Associated Broker and Real Estate veteran Donna Zinnecker knows that it is referrals from satisfied clients that have fueled her success, and she never takes that for granted.  I like to think that I get repeat referrals because I go the extra mile,” says Zinnecker. She is a tenacious advocate when it comes to representing her clients. “Every deal is different and issues always arise. It's how you deal with them that makes all the difference." Her considerable background in Mortgage Finance gives her an extra edge. She recalls a client who called her in tears the day before settlement, saying the Lender was threatening to reject funding the loan at the very last minute, when all had seemed to be going smoothly for weeks." It wasn't a matter of just making a phone call to see what was going on,” says Zinnecker." It was about jumping in, asking the right questions and working with the l lender until we got the answer we wanted." The result? The transaction closed on time.


Zinnecker’s personable style is well known in the Northern Virginia area. “I create an open and transparent relationship with my clients" up front” she says. And once a Contract is signed, l know my job is to maintain a calm control and keep everything running smoothly until keys are handed over.

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