Doris McAdams
Doris McAdams
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About Me

I  am a retired federal government employee and have been in real estate since 2005.  My interests include preserving the history of the greater Fredericksburg area and I am a member the Stafford County Historical Society.  I volunteer in the community extensively.  For relaxation, I take dance lessons. 

My mission is to be your global positioning system (GPS) through the residential or commercial real  estate process.

My goals are to get the best price for your home and to assist you in finding your dream home.







Customer Ratings

Doris McAdams has been rated by 6 customers


“Doris was determined to help me purchase a home even though it was a 2 year time frame while renting a property she helped me find. When I was finally ready she went above and beyond to help me find something even though my time frame was fairly short. She did a great job researching my request and following up on properties we did not get access too the first time.”
James Manning (Buyer)
“She took the time on two Saturdays to walk us through a laundry list of possible homes to rent. She was friendly, polite, and professional. She answered all questions asked fully and even anticipated possible question we may have. ”
Jahi Mayo, Stafford VA (Tenant)
“Doris took the time out of her weekend to show us the rental. She also went through the rental after us signing the rental contract and did a inspection and suggested that we document and take pictures of things wrong with the rental. Doris is very helpful and easy to contact. We feel she went out of her way for us. Doris is highly recommendable by us. She made our experience smooth and comfortable. ”
Tracy & Larry Houston, Stafford (Tenant)
“I would recommend Doris to anyone who is looking for a new property. She was very accommodating a new where to find properties that were in my price range and had the immensities that I was looking for which led to me finally find a home that I was looking for. ”
James Manning, Fredericksburg, VA (Buyer)
“Doris was awesome and took time from her busy schedule to ensure that our needs were looked after and that all potential properties were available for viewing.”
Michael Hounshell (Buyer)


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