Elise Manning
Elise Manning
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About Me

All-in. Competitive. Protective. Fierce. That's Elise Manning in a nutshell.
When Elise Manning's on your side, whether you're her client or her teammate, you can be sure of one thing: she's going to help you win. Her longtime involvement in competitive sports and her equally longtime background in exceptional customer service, has taught her how to help her clients get what they want - without "trash-talking" the other team!
If you're concerned that you might not be able to qualify to buy a home: Elise will help you figure out your path to homeownership. Not sure how much your house is worth? Elise will bring the skill and knowledge to help you set a price that will give you the highest net possible in the market. Worried about negotiating a contract that protects your interests? Elise knows exactly how to safeguard you and your money without offending the other party. Not familiar with the area? As a lifelong resident of Frederick County, Elise will put her knowledge at your disposal. No matter what comes up, she's got your back.
You can almost always reach her before 8p by texting her mobile. But if you catch her during her (infrequent) off hours she might be hiking, coaching volleyball, practicing her new photography skills or taking some quiet time with a book.