Exploring the Brokerage Office of the Future
Tara Christianson
March 31, 2022 — Read in 5 mins

What does the brokerage office of the future look like? 

Sometimes it takes a major disruption to change behaviors and ways of doing business. With the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, new concerns came to the forefront about workspaces and working with others in an office environment. Most businesses encouraged their employees, staff, and independent contractors to work from home, and new habits were formed. Real estate agents weren’t protected from this new way of working, either. Whether it was new safety procedures to embrace, digital technology to incorporate, or getting used to Zoom meetings versus in person interaction, agents met these new challenges head-on, often working from home as the demand for real estate only continued to grow. This is especially challenging in a business that thrives on relationship building! Then, as individuals began to emerge from the restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus, a new dilemma—what does the workplace look like now? 

For real estate brokers, this meant taking a hard look at what the brokerage office of the future may be like. And, as habits have adjusted, so have the needs of their real estate agents. It’s led to brokers understanding what a hybrid working environment looks like and creating a place where agents and their clients still feel comfortable while being productive. Because, while real estate agents can arguably do business anywhere there’s a WiFi connection, there are some who do their best work in a place that’s physically separate from their home (or car) where they can work, meet with their peers—and invite their clients for face-to-face discussions.  Some of the key elements of this type of office are location, design, and amenities, and it’s something we kept in mind when we looked to open our Century 21 Redwood Realty North Bethesda office.

It’s All About Location

When asked what matters most in real estate, the response is, “Location, location, location.” This holds true for real estate offices, too. The brokerage office of the future should be easily accessible for both agents and clients. This means it’s conveniently located near major roadways, offers parking options, and is either located in an updated standalone or commercial building.

For our North Bethesda office, we found the perfect location just off Old Georgetown Road and Montrose Parkway, close to I-270, I-495, and Rockville Pike, in Sixty-One Sixteen (6116) Executive, a premier office redevelopment that opened in 2018. For those who prefer public transportation, the office is also close to the White Flint Metro Station. Whether you’re coming from Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland, this office is easy to get to.  

Amenities that Support Work and Well-Being

Two of the biggest focuses of any workplace of the future are supporting work/life balance and promoting wellness of the people who work there. Some ways to accomplish this include amazing natural light and a variety of spaces in the office design, easy accessibility to fresh air and the outdoors, or communal spaces to encourage peer networking and idea-sharing. We got lucky with our North Bethesda office, as it contains all checks all three of those boxes. From the moment you step into the lobby, you and your clients will be impressed by the open, bright space which seamlessly blends natural and industrial materials.

From there, you can conduct business behind closed doors in a meeting room, at one of the communal tables—or hold your meeting outdoors on a fourth-level terrace. If you’re looking for a physical break, C21 Redwood agents can take care of their own health with the use of an exclusive gym, which features Peloton bikes and on-demand classes, a spa-inspired locker room, and showers. Looking for a mental challenge instead? Take part in an on-site or virtual training using the state-of-the-art technology in the office, or host your own training in the building’s modern conference center. Whether you want to focus on your work or on your well-being, our North Bethesda office has the amenities for you. 

Design That Offers Choice

A prevalent theme in 2021 that’s echoed in future trends is personalization, and offering a workplace that caters to more than one type of worker is important for any business. For a real estate brokerage, this means providing a space where agents who want an office space can comfortably mix with agents who prefer to use the space on a more occasional basis, whether for client meetings, taking advantage of amenities, or social interaction. That’s why the building our North Bethesda office is located in is so attractive – it offers a good mix of open workstations, meeting areas, conference rooms, and outdoor spaces with a tasteful industrial-chic decor that always feels fresh and modern, so you can choose what you use and how often you use them. 

Never has flexibility in the workplace been more important, and any brokerage office of the future needs to reflect that. Want to see what that looks like in reality? You can see for yourself – contact us today for a tour of our North Bethesda office.

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