Redwood Offers

June 23, 2022
How much do you charge to sell my house with Redwood Offers?

Our fee for selling your home through Redwood Offers is no different than the fee we charge sellers who use our Redwood Listings process: 6% of the final purchase price, plus $200. An interested investor could prospectively request an additional fee, which will be disclosed upfront.

How is the offer price(s) for my home determined?

Our investors set their own offer terms. Some use algorithms, some use a combination of technology and local knowledge, and others have been buying in our local market for so long that they “just know”. In the end, market forces will help maximize your proceeds!

Do the owners or agents of CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty or affiliated companies make offers to buy my home through the Redwood Offers program?

Sometimes. While our initial vision is for home sales that take place within our Redwood Offers system to be conducted predominantly with investors who are not affiliated with our brokerage, to provide additional liquidity upon launch, we are currently permitting affiliated investors to make offers within our system. Any affiliations with owners or agents of… Continue

What types of homes does the Redwood Offers program work with?

While we can attempt to generate an offer on any property in our current service areas with fee simple or condominium ownership, we believe our model works best with homes with public sewer and water access, on 1 acre or less of land, built after 1950 and valued within 20% of their median sales price… Continue

Can I still sell my home if you do not present me with a Redwood Offer?

Of course! Even if none of our investors are interested in submitting an offer to purchase your home, we will provide you with a comparative market analysis (CMA) and review pricing options in conjunction with our listing process.

Can I work with Redwood Offers if I have my home listed with a company other than CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty?

Sorry. Our platform is designed to work exclusively with CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty agents.

How do you find the investors that submit home offers in your database?

We have a wide range of investors in our Redwood Offers database from large national iBuyers to local investors who may only buy homes in a small geographic area. Our real estate team will present you with background on each investor when we present their offers.

Once I receive an offer, am I obligated to sell my house?

No. While many in our community find that Redwood Offers provides a convenient and fast way to sell their home, you are under no obligation to move forward once you receive offers from any buyer or investor.

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