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Gerald Butchko
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I am a full time agent who works tirelessly for my clients across Northern Virginia. As a seventeen year veteran in the real estate and mortgage industries, I am familiar with the intricacies of a market close to our Nation’s Capital and in Fairfax County where I live.

As a proud 24 year resident of Fairfax County with twin eighteen year old girls, Fairfax County is a wonderful place to live with the mountains to the West and some of the most popular beaches just two and half hours away to the East.

Our home is just moments away from “inside the beltway” and Washington, DC— the center of our federal government. But the real draw of the area for those of us with families, is the public school system. FCPS system is rated one of the best in the country. The high rating is not only reflected in the quality of the education received by the students and demanded by parents (my daughters included), but also has a huge affect on our property values. I can’t tell you how many of my clients who are relocating into Fairfax County have chosen this county solely on the reputation of the schools.

So once you’ve decided where you want to live, how do you choose a real estate agent? Is it because of his/her education, personality, reputation, or maybe good looks? Perhaps all of the above? My experience says no — these aren’t the reasons why you choose one Realtor over another. You choose a Realtor because of his/her knowledge of the business, trust, tenacity, and because they truly care about you and will provide the best customer service possible.

So, put that experience to work for you and give me a call and get the “Customer Service Personified” you deserve.

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Gerald Butchko has been rated by 13 customers


“I appreciated that Jerry was always available to talk and answer questions. He understood what we were looking for and he never seemed pushy. I felt like Jerry was very transparent and honest.”
Mike B. | Springfield, VA (Buyer)
“This was the smoothest home purchase I've ever been through. Jerry helped make that happen by knowing the right people that could help. Be it putting me in touch with a great lender, home inspector, etc, Jerry knew it all. Jerry is one of the best agents I have come across in this area and I have lived in the NOVA area almost my entire life. This is my 4th house purchase in my lifetime and it was definitely the most pleasant real estate transaction I have ever been through. My only comment would be everyone should use Jerry.”
Susan Zimmermann, Fairfax (Buyer)
“When we called Jerry, we saw his name on another house in the neighborhood. He immediately put us on an email list to send possible home listing options. He knew we wanted to stay in the area and what our budget was. He sent us a few listings and when we saw one that we were interested in, he postponed his vacation to take us through the house. We fell in love with the house and wanted to make an offer to prevent it from having an Open House the following day. Jerry jumped through hoops to make that happen. Jerry made our first home buying experience a breeze. His attention to detail and patience in answering our questions was very much appreciated. He held our hand through the entire process and came to our home to get documents signed when needed. I cannot say enough good things about Jerry. He was wonderful to work with. When we called on Jerry, he always took the time to walk us through any concerns. He called us while on vacation to guide us through the process stress free. No questions were "dumb" and he didn't make us feel like we were ever an inconvenience. He stayed in touch with the lender and kept us informed of anything that was needed at all times.”
Rick & Angie Garrison; Springfield, VA (Buyer)
“Jerry is fantastic and a good friend. I would use him and recommend him for any purchase or sale in the NOVA area. I live out of town currently and him handling my sale from afar made me extremely confident and comfortable that things would be taken care of. ”
John Appleman, Columbus, OH (Seller)
“Jerry was absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the entire buying process. His expertise and attentiveness left my wife and I with a sense of calm as we were about to make the biggest purchase of our lives. Needless to say, we would love to work with Jerry in the future! ”
Brandon - Alexandria, VA (Buyer)
“I was skeptical and about to be turned off completely from the experience of purchasing my first home until I luckily met Jerry Butchko from Century 21 Redwood Realty. Jerry listened to my needs and understood what I was looking for; he was on top of his game through constant emailing lists from the target area and emphasized on not losing focus and not giving up hope to find my first home, I cannot be thankful for that. Jerry deserves a medal for his patience and willingness to show any home at any time; he used his own weekend and family time to show some of the properties. He went above and beyond in communicating with me through every method possible; he utilized email; phone calls, text messages and personal meetings to get to the settlement table. If we put all this positive experience on one hand, his willingness to cover costs of inspection due to my deployment should be on the other hand. I was deployed for official business and Jerry managed to pull off inspection, appraisal and dealing with a tough seller while I was away added such a personal touch to this transaction and showed how far Jerry went through to ensure less stressful time for me to purchase my first home despite logistical challenges. He also managed to convince an aggressive seller to fix things that other sellers will normally refuse to fix and obtained maintenance receipts. Jerry kept on giving till the end even though he was not required to; he acted immediately when he found out that the seller did not provide any keys or fobs for the condo by reaching out to the seller and encouraging him to urge his former tenants to drop the condo keys, fobs and mail keys at the buildings front desk within hours of the settlement. My experience with Jerry and the loan officer he recommended was a pleasant, educating, fun, and smooth to say the least. I will recommend Jerry to all my friends who will be looking to purchase homes in the DC area. Thanks for this great experience and for enabling me fulfilling my American dream. the broker understood my needs and emphasized on focused search and then expanding the target area, huge plus Jerry's patience is beyond discretion; he showed me numerous properties in short time. Jerry's communication and facilitation for escrow and inspection related issues should be taught and used as examples.”
Fadi H, Arlington (Buyer)
“Jerry's knowledge of the area and experience with USAA was extremely rewarding for my wife and I as buyers!”
Chris Eichholz, Gainesville, VA (Buyer)
“Jerry was awesome to deal with. He dependable delivered on his promises and came through with an unexpectedly great deal for us.”
C.S. Campbell, Woodbridge (Buyer)
“We purchased our home from Jerry and used his services, again, when we sold it. Jerry was always available to us and went above and beyond the call of duty. Our home was vacant for a number of months and Jerry always came by and checked on things for us. He is personable and easy to deal with. He has a good contractor that he works with who can get jobs done in a timely manner. He made a very stressful sale go as smoothly as possible.”
Claire Mitchell (Seller)