Ira Robinson
Ira Robinson
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If you're even the slightest bit of a DIY type person you are going to appreciate Ira’s skill set and patience. He started working with an Electrician/Plumber at the age of 12. He studied Liberal Arts in College but found framing houses more rewarding than a cubicle -- that is until he found his Artistic passion in tile and stone. He built his own business designing and installing luxurious bathrooms and kitchens. Huge showers and heated floors kept him busy for over two decades.


He’s personally bought 2 different lots and built the homes.  He also bought a small, dilapidated house and doubled the structure with an addition.

He’s lately transitioned into buying distressed properties at bargain prices, renovating and turning them into cash flow investments. While his knowledge and vision of how to transform a neglected property into a desirable home has been rewarding, he chose to become an Agent to help guide others though the process.  His goal is to empower his clients with the information needed to realize their dream homes or profitable investments.