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Jonathan and Kristi are real estate professionals who work with clients who are homeowners, as well as people in the process of becoming homeowners in the transaction process. With all the noise in the marketplace, we strive to be a team of dedicated, single point of contact professionals you will grow to trust in helping you with your largest and most expensive asset. As homeowners, business owners, parents, active church and community members, they get to experience many different walks of life, situations, as well as see our clients through the purchase or sale of a property.

Jonathan and Kristi have a vast wealth of experiences and unique opportunities, from struggling college student and military service, working in the construction industry digging ditches and waiting tables to pay for gas. They have also been hand selected for prestigious assignments, such as working for the White House Communications Agency and providing Geospatial Intelligence Support to the Federal Government. These experiences have allowed them to gain perspectives not many people can claim.

As a real estate team, they have been able to achieve some of the highest honors offered in the industry. By partnering with Century 21 Redwood Realty, they have been awarded the Quality Service Award, Masters Emerald Award, and Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club as a Top Producer. Jonathan studied at the University of Phoenix for Business Administration and Marketing, and Kristi studied at Baylor University for Political Science and George Mason University for a Master’s Degree in Geoinformatics.

Jonathan and Kristi are both full time, licensed, Real Estate professionals in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Customer Ratings

Jonathan Burke has been rated by 54 customers


“Johnathan and his wife were a dream to work with. They were willing to hear our desires in selling our house, treated it as though it was their house that they were selling. They put forth the effort combined with their knowledge that made the difference.”
Bryan Scott, Rhoadesville (Seller)
“The process was really convenient for me as the Burke team (consisting of husband and wife, Jonathan and Kristi) worked with me in order to accommodate my not so normal schedule. Random work trips would pop up and I would be scheduled in the morning shift or afternoon shift for weeks at a time. Communication was good between myself and the Burke team. This is my first house, but not my first home buy so It wasn’t my first rodeo. However, the differences in owning a condo and a house are very apparent, So I had many questions and concerns. The Burke team addressed all my concerns and help put me at ease. They were very patient as I did have many concerns and “for my own curiosity” types of questions over houses in general and in the processes for each step going along the way. The entire process started from searching for a lender, securing the loan (April), searching and deciding on a realtor (June) to finally closing on a home (September) was a journey. Thanks again for helping me make it happen Burke team. ”
Erick John Fandialan Fredericksburg, Va (Buyer)
“Jonathan and Kristi made my first house buying process a breeze, and even though we experienced some interesting situations along the way, the two of them couldnt have handled any better or more professionally. I would highly recommend the Burke team to anyone looking for a home in the Virginia area! ”
Zach Amos (Buyer)
“This is the second time we have used Jonathan & Kristie Burke. We purchased our second home and our experience was outstanding yet again. They are truly gifted at what they do, the very best. Honest, caring, personable, knowledgeable and above all grade A people. They have a great eye for seeing things that we didn’t notice. I find it hard to believe there could be anyone better out there at their profession. We will use them for life. Where they go we will follow. Stay blessed.”
Rich & Steph Freeman (Buyer)
“They were great throughout this entire process. They said I could call them at any time, and if they didn't pick up they called me back quickly. They know the area really well and found us several great homes to look at before we decided on the one we bought. I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to family and friends.”
Matthew and Sarah Johnson, Fredericksburg, VA (Buyer)
“Jonathan and the team were incredible. I have never met anyone with as much passion for the job, that works as hard as Jonathan. He was available to my family anytime with any question. If they did not immediately have an answer (rare) they would find it quickly and let us know. On more than one occasion he went well above the duties and responsibilities of a realtor. I plan to be living in the new location for the rest of my days, but I would recommend, and have recommended this team to everyone. Thank you Jonathan for all you did in support of the sale of our house and the purchase of our home! ”
Charles Jones, Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“Great realtor that did everythingi needed and more. ”
Eric Atkinson, Stafford virginia (Buyer)
“Jonathan I really appreciate all that you have done for me as well as your wife, I know I took up a lot of your time, you sacrificed time away from your family and I am grateful.”
William Harris warrenton va (Buyer)
“Jonathan and Kristi Burke were both consummate professionals in which I had the pleasure of working with during this sale. Jonathan represented both the buyer and seller successfully, ironing out any and all issues as they arose. I would absolutely recommend the Burke Team again and will use them for all future real estate purchases. ”
Leslie Gordnier, Alexandria, VA (Buyer)
“Jonathan and Kristi Burke are the friendliest and most personable people we have ever met it is just enjoyable to talk to them. They are the only people that I got excited for a "business" call from. We were initially intending on just renting, but after talking to Jonathan about the pros and cons of renting vs buying we chose to buy. I really appreciated the pamphlet that Jonathan and Kristi had prepared it filled in a lot of information that I didn't know and made me nervous about buying. So it made me very comfortable with the idea of buying. ”
Robert and Chelsea, Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“Great service, guided me through the things I didn't understand and completed everything quickly to close the deal.”
Jake Wright, Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“Jonathan & Kristi made a perfect team. They went above and beyond in meeting our expectations and needs. Kristi was able to meet our schedule from across the country and made sure she was always available when needed. They both understood that our needs presented challenges, especially being a military family, but were honest and realistic with our requests. The whole transaction from start to finish was smooth. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase a home, especially to anyone who may not be from the area, or know anyone from the area. Jonathan & Kristi where our "friend who knows a friend" in finding everything that we needed. They came to the table with all the knowledge and information from both geographical standpoint, to the neighborhood shops and real estate happenings. We are so grateful to have been referred to the Burke Team. ”
Brenda & Joseph Deering (Buyer)
“Johnathan Burke, was great to work with, his knowledge of the local area and of the locals, helped with our closing. If it would not have been for his knowledge we may have lost the house we were interested in as the mortgage company required us to up our credit score. Johnathan worked with the sellers not only to give us sometime to get our credit issues in order but also to help us move into the house in a quick manner before buying....he saved us from being homeless! Johnathan is a great guy, with a good team and a great outlook on life. ”
Sean Holliday, Stafford County. (Buyer)
“Jonathan went out and beyond his duties to make my dream come through. Jonathan doesn’t give up. He will do everything he can to make things happen. Amazing! Thank you, Jonathan ❤️”
Asta, Stafford VA (Buyer)
“Jonathan Burke is the BEST realtor that I have ever dealt with. He makes you a part of his family and is ALWAYS working on your behalf and defends your interests. As long as I live in Virginia, Jonathan will be my realtor. The team he has made, along with his wife Kristy, is amazing! You cannot ask for a better team to assist you in all matters of real estate. ”
Steve McClane (Seller)
“They have helped my closest friends, my family and also myself in the past. The ability to come up with a game plan and stick to a schedule is something that is surprising in this day and age. Execution of said plan and exceeding expectations that are laid out in the beginning, only add to the fact that anything Real Estate related, I know who to recommend and who to call first. When I reached out and explained my situation, I had already come to terms with expectations on the result of selling the property. There was never any discussions of "How Much" I would make. There was only discussions of "If I follow the plan laid out on Day 1" the end result would meet or exceed my expectations. I have spent weeks trying to write this since the first email about filling out this survey and I have yet to find words for the outcome of my sale. If you would have told me the day before I reached out to inquire what I should do with the property, that the property would have sold for the amount it did, I would have laughed. I would have laughed really hard. From the first moment there was confidence in the plan, confidence in the execution, even when I had zero confidence. They saw something I did not see. I still can't believe it. They set a standard in customer care. The first question in any conversation is "How are you doing?". They understand there is nothing easy about the process, but they never let you worry about it. They exude confidence in the way they talk, the way they dress and their over all ability to stay organized even when I was not. My overall experience was amazing. I believe the outcome could not have gone this way with anybody else. The winning Factor in this Equation is the Burke factor. If it's not in your equation, do not expect Outstanding Results. ”
Jason Heisler, Fredericksburg (Seller)
“Jonathan and Kristi were on point. They got us the price we wanted, the property sold quickly, and we had confidence in their experience to get the deal done. It's a scary experience selling your house, they made it easy for us. Thanks!”
Mary and Bob - Stafford (Seller)
“Jonathan kept us level headed when he needed us to do so. He never let us lose sight of the big picture during the process of selling our home. Wear every happy with the results and would choose Jonathan as our realtor.”
Brian, Oakton (Seller)
“Jonathan and Kristi were excellent. They went above and beyond to not only complete our sale seamlessly, but also make the process as comfortable for us as possible. They understood and flexed to the demands of our schedule, and made every effort accommodate us and get us the best deal. We found our realtors for life!”
Jennifer, Falls Church (Seller)
“When we first decided we were going to sell our house, I had begun asking friends for recommendations as we had a terrible experience from our last realtor. Jonathan Burke’s name came up so I called and spoke to him and I was immediately sold. He was well organized, knowledgeable, and I could tell meticulous about the way he approached everything about this business. Every time I needed to speak with him I could do so. Anytime I had anxieties or fears he would alleviate them. He got us way more money for our house than I would have ever expected. I was extremely busy during this time and when I stopped by the house to do some work, my realtor was in overalls cutting the grass and doing yard work! Who does that? The guy found his calling. He went above and beyond for us and I am so grateful for him helping us during such a stressful time. I cannot speak highly enough of Jonathan Burke. I’m him I found not only a wonderful realtor, but a lifelong friend as well. ”
Jad Rutherford from Fredericksburg VA (Seller)
“My husband and I are so pleased we picked the Burke Team to help us with our most recent home sale. Jonathan has a passion for his trade and a communicative personality to match. We had worked through a very tricky short sale, and Jonathan showed compassion and commitment 100% to the end. I would recommend anyone to use the Burke team as their personal real estate agent for their next home buy! Thank you again for helping us begin the next chapter of our lives. ”
Jessica Della Puca ; Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“What makes Jonathan Burke stand out for me was, the fact that he knew I was maintaining two households while waiting for my house to sell. He took it upon himself, to cut and landscape my yard, so that I could have more time to spend with my family, instead of running back and forth between houses on the weekend. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for us.”
Marcus and Ginger Williamson, Fredricksburg VA (Seller)
“Jon was my husband's first and only choice for brokers which was fine because I tasked my husband with finding one. Given my work and home schedule I wouldn't be the one always available for communication so it was important to have someone with whom my husband got along well. When Jon first arrived at our home to discuss selling our property, he was well prepared with a profile of our neighborhood and recent sales. Honestly, selling and buying property wasn't on our schedule until another 2 years but when he showed us how easy it was and assured us of his aid along the way, we took a chance and now we're so glad we did. He helped us sell our first home and kept us well informed about each stage of the process. He connected us with his loan officer team who were just as helpful as he. He didn't mind rolling his sleeves up and helping my husband with any repairs needed to get the property ready to show and after the inspection. He's a family man so he made adjustments to accommodate our whole family even when that meant holding my daughter on a break from home improvements or entertaining my son while we signed documents. Even in the midst of familiarity as Jon and my husband have known each other from grade school, Jon maintained his professionalism which was paramount to me. This process from start to finish took about 6 weeks, that's just awesome! I will continue to recommend Jon to any and everyone I know who is in need of a broker. ”
Jennifer Davis, Fredericksburg, VA (Seller)
“He went above and beyond to ensure the sale went as smoothly as possible. He supported me through the entire process. As it was long and got uncomfortable at times due to extenuating circumstances. He remained professional at all times and was a pleasure to work with. When I buy a home in the future, I will look to him and will also refer friends to him. ”
Anonymously (Seller)
“Fantastic to work with, creative in coming up ideas for helping our rather complicated situation. Really appreciate the level of involvement and hard work out into helping us get our house sold and get into another house. ”
Josh & Lauren (Seller)