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Larry White
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Prior to real estate Larry was a litigation case manager for prominent IP law firms in DC.  So, you know right upfront, that Larry is your guy if you like your drama toned-down, big egos neutralized, the details attended to and everything done rigorously by the book.

One of the most valuable skills you can have in real estate is the ability to anticipate the obstacles and issues that might arise and have a plan for dealing with them.  We’re not claiming that Larry is psychic, it just seems like he is because nothing ever catches him off-guard.  And, because he’s not surprised, he’ll make sure you’re not surprised either.

Coming from an environment where you must be both fiercely competitive AND willing to compromise in order to reach a mutually beneficial outcome, Larry knows exactly how to achieve that balance.  His clients invariably walk away satisfied that they got what they wanted, at the best price the market will offer, in the timeframe that worked for them.

But, more than that, they also walk away feeling that they’ve received exceptional service every step of the way.  In short, they’ve found their REALTORŪ for life.  Let Larry make your next real estate transaction be as smooth and stress-free as it should be, and discover your own REALTORŪ FOR LIFE.

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