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EXPERIENCE… Born and raised in California, I came to Northern Virginia two decades ago after relocating many times from one duty station to another as the wife of a naval officer. This experience would prove instrumental in my later development as a real estate agent. 

Once we settled in this area, we became a “stop-and-search-home” for our many friends who were also relocating to Northern Virginia. I escorted these home-seekers through tours of different residential areas and school districts. Once they chose a specific area, I turned them over to one of my friends in the real estate community. Although a teacher at the time, I soon found that I enjoyed the real estate business so much that I became a full time Realtor®. 

MEETING YOUR NEED…. Since moving up, downsizing, and moving with children are firsthand experiences for me, I can draw on those life experiences to help guide you through your process . . . with your complete satisfaction as my primary goal. If you are not currently contemplating a move, and merely want advice on making improvements that will increase the value of your home, I would be pleased to help, Whether you are renting, buying or selling . . . I will dedicate my experience to meeting your specific needs.

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