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“Buying a house can be scary! Renee took the fear factor out of buying for me in 2018, so when I was ready to put my old house on the market in 2019, I didn't hesitate to contact Renee again. Because I had never done it before, I soon learned that selling a house can be even scarier than buying one! Again, Renee took the fear factor out of it for me by walking me through it step by step. She was invaluable in suggesting what needed to be done to the house to make it sell quickly and at a good price. She also helped to identify individuals and businesses than could assist me in making necessary repairs and desirable upgrades. I work with students, and when students have a big problem, I often tell them it is like the question, "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer, of course, is "One bite at a time." Renee helped me to eat that elephant one bite at a time, and she even made it into a pleasant dining experience! I would recommend her to anyone!”
Raymond Tuttle, Ruther Glen (Seller)
“I bought my first house through Century 21's Redwood office many years ago, and I had a positive experience. I would have been happy to work with the same agent again, if she still had been with the agency. Nevertheless, I was extremely pleased with Renee, who just happened to be in the office when I made my first call. I consider myself lucky that she was there! Renee is a total professional. I feel that she was looking out for my interests the entire time, but not at the expense of ethics. She explained everything to me thoroughly, and was reassuring. Buying your second house is easier than buying your first, but it still has its challenges, and Renee made the experience stress free! She was sensitive to my needs and to my priorities. I greatly appreciated her low-pressure style, and her desire to make sure that I felt in control of the process. ”
Ray Tuttle, Spotsylvania (Buyer)
“Renee went above and behind what I would have excepted. I live out of state and she arrange everything, She found good repairmen and insured repairs were preformed to standards. She insured the house was available and open when required. For me this was almost a hands off sale. She desires all the credit for this sale. This was not an easy sale. It was an older house with a lot of minor problems. As I was not available Renee to care of all the details to get the house ready and sold in much less time that I thought possible. Her performance was outstanding. I never expected the house to sale so quickly. It require a great effort on her part and she made it happen. I couldn't have been more pleased. I can't thank her enough. ”
Marty Lambert (Seller)
“Renee always puts us first even when she is on holiday's she does business for us. She is our primary agent. My husband and & both feel like Renee is part of the family business and the family. We are completly ourself's with her. Renee keeps us informed on the types of purchases we are interested in and knows we are flipping them or renting them. Renee will work tirelessly to find what our price range is and the type of property we would need. If she finds something whe will call us and let us know it is a great working relationship.”
Paula Mamula, Spotsylvania, VA. (Buyer)
“I think you all should give her a bonus. I absolutely love the service she provides to us.”
Paula Mamula, Spotsylvania, VA. (Seller)
“Renee Garrett is a perfect Salesperson for my needs. She goes completely out of the way to be helpful to me and my company. I will continue to use her.”
Paula A. Mamula-Spotsylvania, VA. (Buyer)
“Buying a house with 850 miles between us and Renee, took courage and a lot of patience on her end. Over months and distance she handled business in a very professional, calm and understanding way. Renee kept me current through email on houses on the market. She understood how hard it was to buy a house with the distance between us. I had to rely on her and my family to physically go look at the houses. She was always willing to take them out to homes and treated them with respect and kindness. Thank you Renee. ”
S.K. (Buyer)