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I believe that to serve my clients to the fullest extent, several things are necessary. I learned many years ago about the Wise Old Owl sitting in the Oak: The More He heard, The Less He Spoke, The less he Spoke, the More he take a tip from a Wise Old Bird. Whether Buying or Selling, we will always operate at your speed. In 40 years as a Realtor I've never had anyone suggest that I rushed them into a transaction. Your concerns are my concerns. I also believe in the importance of education. I earned my Certified Residential Appraiser License in 1993 (So that, if Selling, we can get top dollar, If Buying, know that you are not paying too much). I also earned the Certified Residential Specialist Certification (held by less than 5% of Realtors nationwide) so that I might better serve you and, as an Associate Broker, I am also a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute.

‚ÄčA measure of my success in this wonderful business that I am so proud to be a part of, is the number of repeat clients that I have had over the years. Whether buying your first home, selling and moving across the country or looking at investment property, do a Starker or 1031 Exchange, I can help guide your every move. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you through what used to be a "stressful" time. Those days are gone!!



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