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Steve Hardyman
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I began a career in real estate late in life. I took the preparation/basic class at a junior college in 1990 and tested for my license immediately after completing the class. I treated real estate as an essential part of a second career. Included in my first career after graduating from college was three years in the active Army, 1968-1971 and 32 years (1971-2003) working for the Army after active service. I also began a tax business during those years which is still active and has been a great boon to my real estate career. I find these businesses work well together in serving either my tax client base or my real estate client base. I also studied for the real estate brokerage rating and became a real estate associate broker in 2008.

My goals in real estate are really no different than my goals throughout life. Those goals begin and end with being the best I can be in this career. I have sold/listed homes in the counties, cities and country from Northern Virginia to Richmond and west to and including the more mountainous regions beyond suburbia.

Should this experience interest you in your search for real estate help, I would welcome a discussion with you concerning your real estate goals. Perhaps we would be a good fit. As in many areas of life, a good fit is essential in reaching a successful conclusion. This is particularly true in real estate. Dynamics are ever changing whether buying, selling, or investing and choosing the right agent is paramount to success.