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Steve Washington
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About Me

My career in real estate began in 2002 when an investor noted my interest in residential architecture and my knack for space planning. He suggested I get my real estate sales license so that I could collaborate with him on renovation/resale projects as well as rental investments as his agent and design consultant. It was my job to find candidate properties, represent him in the transaction, design the renovation, and then market and sell the final product as his listing agent. I have been an active, successful REALTOR® in Washington, D.C., ever since.


I attribute my success to an early and lasting affection for residential real estate. Working with sellers to optimize their properties for the market and maximize their return on investment is challenging work, but for me it's also good, creative fun. I enjoy consulting on or designing the restoration or renovation of a dated or distressed property to tease out its maximum charm and value, market the final product, and give that home a chance at new life with a new owner. And I enjoy scouring the market to find homes that match my buyer clients’ tastes and lifestyles.


As your listing agent, I’ll thoroughly examine your property to identify the best and most feasible approach to extracting its maximum return for you based on the current market, and that usually includes getting it sold quickly. As your buyer agent, we’ll carefully identify your wants and needs, and I’ll pour through the inventory to find properties that suit your lifestyle saving you time and energy.


I also have a DC property manager license and a boutique property management business and bring all of the associated experience and resources to bear in service to my buyer and seller clients.


Buying or selling a property should be exciting and rewarding. It’s also my job to make it as pleasant and as fluid as possible. Contact me today and let’s begin your real estate adventure. I look forward to the honor of helping you reach your goals.