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I moved to Stafford as a military wife 25 years ago and I understand the challenges and needs of military families.   As a Realtor, my primary goal is to help my clients.  When you are buying or selling property in today's real estate market, it's important to have confidence in your real estate professional.  My commitment as your Realtor is to provide you with the specialized real estate service you deserve.

Please allow me the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs.  I aim to provide great service, quality guidance, and a friendly face to help with your most important investment.  As a Realtor, my primary goal is to help my clients.

SELLERS!  Allow me to list your home for a quick sale.  As a real estate specialist, I know what it takes to sell your home.  I bring expert knowledge, valuable experience blended with the latest technology, a well-defined marketing plan, a cohesive network, energy, enthusiasm and the excitement of a job well done. I also provide a detailed Home Evaluation Report and advice on the best price to list your home as well  as vast exposure to your listing through best practices in marketing and the use of virtual tours to distinguish your listing.  I am also your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.

BUYERS!  Let’s find you a home.   Exceptional service and friendly disposition at every step of your home buying process.  Search listings from the convenience of your home.  Be the first to get new listings that match your criteria. Get real estate market watch updates for listings in your area.  Your source for the latest tips, checklists and free reports.   Personal Consultation - Vast experience and knowledge you can rely on.  

As a local area expert with knowledge of the greater Woodbridge/Stafford/Fredericksburg communities, my objective is to work diligently to assist you in meeting your real estate goals.

Years in real estate

Since 2010

Military Spouse

USN 26 years

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Italy, Greece, Ireland a

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Running, weight lifting

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“It is difficult to find an agent that will provide an honest assessment while having the flexibility of compromise. While some agents pontificate about their past performance, Sue's realistic dialogue and flexibility allowed us to make informed decisions while still having the ability to influence a collective decision. Sue immediately provided us comps and a detailed net sheet. I have dealt with agents in the past that are less prompt and hide monetary details. In some instances, we did not fully comprehend the seller's market and Sue's sage advice ensured we received a premium return for our residence. I could spend time providing prime examples throughout the process, but the main driving experience was actually near the point of closing. An underestimation of belongings and a 5 month old baby places an undue strain or more closely to moderate panic due to inefficient time management. When Sue arrived, it seemed there was no means of clearing out the house to make deadlines. All I remember is Sue grabbed her phone and a few moments later a babysitter and several personnel assisted in packing and moving our personal effects. What appeared to be an unsurmountable feat became a memory of the past and we were able to close on the proposed date. To be honest, we did push the walk through back slightly, which was another miracle provided by Sue to give us the necessary assistance. Instead of chiding us, she quickly solved our problem and ultimately negated a horrendous situation. Thank you! ”
George, Stafford (Seller)
“All we I can say is WOW! We were very impressed with Sue Pash's professionalism, personal attention, and marketing strategies. Our experience with Sue Pash was simply outstanding. This is the third time we worked with Sue. Previously Sue helpd us buy (2 homes) and rent one of our properties. Sue worked with us on a very personal basis and helped us to understand what we really wanted. Sue is knowledgeable and always available. Sue is a first class, high caliber, real estate professional. We received her personal attention almost on a daily basis. She was always available for questions, and made us feel like we were her only client. Sue is gifted, talented and knows the market. Our home sold within 24 hours! We were totally impressed and would recommend Sue to anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent their home quickly and not leave money on the table.”
Jeff Wade, Fredericksburg (Seller)
“Sue was wonderful. As a first time home buyer, she made me comfortable with the whole process, and made me feel like she was in my corner for the entirety of the process. I was very happy with her as my agent”
Jason, Middletown, VA (Buyer)
“Sue was excellent. We were moving to Virginia from Ohio and we had never been to the area. She did a great job of showing us around the area and finding a house that we would enjoy. She did a great job of listening to what we liked and helped us find a beautiful house within our budget. She also was extremely responsive and answered right away with any questions or concerns we had. We had to move quickly so this was very important. Wonderful to work with her, she knows tons of people that can assist you with certain items when buying a new home. Outstanding to work with Sue. Would highly recommend. You can understand why she's one of, if not, the best realtors in the area. Very professional and friendly. A pleasure to work with.”
Bob and Becca, Fredericksburg Virginia (Buyer)
“Please reference above narrative.”
S. Crenshaw, Stafford (Seller)
“We feel in love with Sue when we first meet her. She was honest and upfront with us and was interested in doing what was best for us. Her sincerity and kindness is unmatched. We bought and sold homes with her and she helped us to meet our goals. She fought for us to help us get what we needed. We have been blessed to have met Sue. I would recommend her to my family and friends for sure. ”
Bryce Wade, Stafford (Buyer)
“Sue Pash is a truly amazing realtor. She has your best interest at heart. She was always will and able to answer any questions that may have come up during the process of buying at house. She always made us feel important and valued during the whole process. I wouldn’t change a thing with having Sue as our realtor. The entire process from start to finish was so smooth and flawless. Sue made us feel comfortable with all decisions that were made. We will be recommending Sue to all of our friends and family. The entire process from start to finish was so smooth and flawless. Sue made us feel comfortable with all decisions that were made. ”
Sarah Nazionale (Buyer)
“I wouldn’t change a thing with having Sue as our realtor. The entire process from start to finish was so smooth and flawless. Sue went over multiple offers with us and helped us make the best decision fully explaining all the differences. Sue made us feel comfortable with all decisions that were made. We will be recommending Sue to all of our friends and family. ”
Melanie & Jerry LeBlanc, Stafford, VA (Seller)
“This is our third time using Sue Pash and is has hands down been the best realtor and friend our family has ever had! We met Sue a few years ago when our family had expanded beyond our house capacity. She came by and did a walk-though of our current residence, provided us with a list of things that needed to be worked on prior to going onto the market, as well as a detailed cost analysis of what she believed we could sell the house for. She was well informed on the area, clearly had done her research, and spent a lot of time to get to know our family, so we decided right away to use her. We fixed all of the issues around the house she identified and within 24 hours of our house being on the market we had competitive offers above asking price. During our house hunt, we dragged Sue to more houses than I care to remember. Not once did we feel pressured, even though we had changed our requirements a few times throughout the process. When we did visit houses with toddlers in tow, Sue was always quick to jump in and help with the kids, so we could focus on the house itself. When we finally did find the house we wanted, Sue worked to ensure that our offer was competitive and negotiated a purchase well under the sellers asking price. Sue had really gone so far above and beyond then, we had stayed in constant contact over the years. When we found out we were moving this year, we didn't hesitate to call Sue again. We went through the same process as our first house sale (walk-through, detailed fix list, and cost analysis) and with the same results. Our house didn't even make it to our open house (which was scheduled three days after it went on the market) before it had multiple offers over asking price. Sue has been phenomenal from the moment she stepped into our lives. She has been way more than a realtor for us and there truly isn't enough praise I can put into this testimonial about how much we appreciate her expertise and friendship. The only thing we regret about this whole process is not being able to take Sue to Texas with us. Thank you Sue!”
Paul, Katie, Aliana, and Little Paul of Stafford VA (Seller)
“Sue Pash is awesome. We have already recommended her to family, friends and neighbors. She did an excellent job both selling our house and buying a new one!! Sue Pash is an excellent realtor. She sold our house in record time and I was unsure of finding a new house. Honestly, I was discouraged by seeing some of the houses on the market and I was stressed because we had such a short time frame. Sue was uplifting and encouraging. She told me not to settle and to keep looking for a home I loved. She didn't try to sell me a house just because. She really cared that I found what I was looking for. A realtor like Sue is a rare gem. She helped me find my new dream home and I'm so grateful I didn't settle. Sue made a real difference in our home buying experience. I can't recommend her enough. She is an amazing realtor! We had multiple offers on our house in less than a week of it being on the market. Sue also helped me stage the house perfectly. I was shocked by how fast our house sold.We loved the brochures of our house. Sue also was extremely helpful with every detail of selling our home and buying a new dream home. Sue Pash is the best of the best. She is professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and skilled. ”
Joseph and Jennifer Hudgins (Seller)
“Sue Pash is dedicated to helping you find the right home. She is patient and knowledgeable. She knows the market and fights for her clients. She will get you the best possible deal on a house you love. She is a skilled professional who really cares for her clients and helping them find their next dream home. I would whole heartedly recommend her to my family and friends. She is by far the best realtor we've had. Sue Pash is an awesome realtor. ”
Joseph and Jenny Hudgins cross junction va (Buyer)
“Sue was excellent. We have worked with Sue three times. She is extremely thoughtful and attentive to my family needs. Sue is always enthusiast towards what she does. Due to Covid-19, only my wife and I could be present during closing. Since no child care was available, Sue volunteered to watch our two young children during closing!!! I would highly recommend Sue to anyone without hesitation as a Realtor.””
Jeff Wade, Fredericksburg (Buyer)
“Sue Pash is a true professional. She works day in and day out, weekdays and weekends and puts her clients first. As a first time home buyer, I was inexperienced in the home buying process. Sue's patience, knowledge and dedication helped pave the way for me buying my first home, and with little to no stress! Sue's experience and relationships with lenders, home inspectors, painters, title companies, etc were an added bonus. I had no idea about the VHDA program that Sue recommended, which helped me afford my first home with no worries about putting too much money down. She also negotiated tirelessly for closing costs and better contingencies to protect me in buying my first home. She drove 45 miles to show me houses in a different county and I commend her for that. Sue Pash is by far a "Realtor Goddess" and will get the job done whether buying or selling your home!”
Rachel - Sterling, VA (Buyer)
“Sue was heaven sent. In September 2017, I purchased a home in Maryland. At that time, I was under the impression of another realty company that they can provide service on looking for a tenant for the house that we were going to move out of. Three weeks went by and theRealtor stated to me that they were overworked and was unable to assist me. I was very stressed, I drove down to Stafford at the Century 21 building and asked for assistance from the desk clerk. She introduced me to Sue, I told Sue my situation. I also shared with her that I was closing on the new house in November and that it was a must that we had to get a tenant in the other house before that time.She was sympathetic as my situation and assured me that she would do the best that she could to assist me. Within two weeks, Sue was able to find attend it. This time it was so good to my property that two years later, we made the ultimate decision to sell the house to the tenant. From the relationship that I built from Sue, I asked if she could be our realtor to close the deal. Within three weeks, the house was sold.Again, Sue was heaven sent. I really appreciate all that she has done from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you so much”
Derrick Fennell Waldorf, Md (Seller)
“I spoke on it previously; however, Sue deems worthy to speak on again. Sue is fun, extremely knowledgable, fair in all practices and is HONEST! I was skeptical of my home buying experience, but she kept me grounded throughout the process. ”
Kevin Putnam, Stafford, VA (Buyer)
“Sue was an amazing realtor who knew exactly what's we wanted and were looking for. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the FXBG area.”
Eric Rose (Buyer)
“We found Sue through a referral from a friend and upon researching her website found she is a long time resident of the Stafford/Fredericksburg area, specializes in first-time home buyers as well as military family relocation, and had been working in real estate for some time - all things we were looking for. Sue didn't hesitate to take us on as clients even when we weren't ready to buy showing that she was willing to take the time to help us find what was right for us, and not to just make a commission. She was honest when looking at houses and gave an opinion we trusted. Sue was very aggressive during the back and forth with the seller during negotiations and you could tell she wanted to get the best deal possible for us. She definitely won't let any other realtors or sellers walk on her or you! I'd say this would be an even bigger pro if you are looking to sell your home. Overall she is a kind person, friendly to talk to and be around and clearly a very hard worker. If you're looking for a realtor familiar with the area, the home buying process, and getting you a fair deal - Sue is a great option. ”
Bethany Geris (Buyer)
“Sue Pash has been more than a realtor these last few months. She has been a blessing to our family. Buying a house can be intimidating when you don’t know what lies ahead. Every question I had Sue was there to answer. She knew the alternative routes to take just in case our plans changed paths. Unfortunately, but, fortunately when we ran into a plumbing issue just a few short days after signing Sue was only one call away.(we all know she didn’t have to do that) I felt that Sue had what was best for our family in mind from day one. Thank You Sue Pash! ”
Ott Family Stafford, VA (Buyer)
“For us it came down to relationship and trust. I had previous dealings with Century 21 and got to know Sue Pash. I introduced my wife to Sue and they connected right away. In the end my wife and I trusted Sue to do what she said she would do. Her knowledge of the community and understanding of the market were priceless. We jointly discussed price and timing and in the end followed Sue's suggestion. She left the decision up to us and we carefully considered her marketing strategy. It worked and we sold in one day. Sue Pash and all of Century 21 were just the best. Oddly enough, twenty four years ago it was the very same Century 21 office that sold us the house at 17 Franklin Street, Stafford. So we will see you guys in 24 years. We believe the professional attitude of Century 21 Redwood was amazing. Thank You ! The process of home buying and selling can be very stressful. The fact that our house literally sold in one day was amazing. Nonetheless, Sue stuck with us through the entire process. A true professional. When Sue could have coasted to closing she stayed in touch with us almost daily keeping us posted on the process. Closing was breeze and once again Sue Pash prepared us for the very day. She actually came to our home a couple days before to ensure we were prepared. While Sue was on vacation (wish we could have gone) Tammie Mason was our point of contact. We never missed step. Of course there was questions and Tammie was always quick to respond and kept everything on track. I had to drop off some info at the office and the staff of Century 21 was always perfect and responsive. We would certainly recommend Century 21, Sue Pash and Tammie Mason to anyone. How could we not be pleased and over joyed. We sold in one day. Way to go Sue Pash and Century 21 Redwood Realty. You get our highest recommendation. ”
Michael and Linda Elliott, Stafford, VA (Seller)
“My husband and I were first time home buyers, coming to Virginia from North Carolina. We were referred to Sue Pash through an agent we originally spoke with in Arlington, who wasn't familiar enough with Stafford. From the beginning Sue was very responsive, easy to talk to, and she made it clear that our best interests were her top priority, which helped put our home buying anxiety at ease. We had a lot of questions, and she was always happy to answer in as much detail as we needed. Her insights into the area and neighborhoods were especially helpful, in addition to her ability to point out details beyond cosmetics that could be overlooked, and knowledgeable, honest feedback about the properties. We were interested in looking at quite a few, and Sue was tireless during our hunt, never making us feel like we were taking up too much of her time. During the process, she was relentless in making sure we were getting the best deal and the best rate, fighting hard on our behalf. We cannot say enough how much we appreciate all of her hard work, help, and friendship throughout and know we can fully count on her for anything we might need in the future! Thank you Sue!”
Alicia Hever, Stafford (Buyer)
“Sue Pash was very professional, knowledgable, helpful and friendly. She is familiar with Stafford and was able to give great feedback about what we could expect from living in the different areas of Stafford. Her communication was wonderful! She was always available to answer any questions or address any concerns we had and if she wasn't going to be available she ensured we had a person we could contact directly in her place. We would use her again and highly recommend her to others!”
Terry B, Stafford (Buyer)
“Sue was diligent, knowledgeable, hard working and professional from start to finish. I would certainly recommend Sue Pash to anyone seeking a fine realtor. ”
Ian Fox, King George, VA (Buyer)
“Sue was a wonderful help with selecting our new home and securing its purchase. She was patient and accessible while we searched from another state. She's a strong negotiator and advocate for her clients. We couldn't have asked for a better agent. Thanks so much Sue!”
Stacey in Stafford (Buyer)
“My first home buying experience was easy and painless thanks to Sue Pash. She worked with us on our schedule and was always easy to get in contact with. She always kept us in the know and stayed on top of the seller. Sue was very professional in all aspects of the process. She responded to every question quickly and gave excellent customer service. We will use her services in the future. She also showed a genuine concern for our needs. You won't go wrong using her as your Realtor! My fiancé and I thank you Sue, once again.”
Richard Morataya, Stafford (Buyer)
“Sue was the FIRST Agent to move forward with offering to work with us. We had been asked by many Agents - at properties we looked at - if we had an Agent. We replied, no, we did not. NONE of those agents bothered to offer their services. Sue acted in an urgent manner, assisting us with the initial steps to sell our current property and buy our next home. Very quickly Sue understood exactly what our " must haves" and dislikes were. She provided us with properties with only the requites we had in mind. When we decided that this was the property we wanted, Sue provided us with relevant information. This allowed us to act in a timely manner. Which played a role in acquiring the property. From offering mortgage lender information through the closing process, Sue was engaged with a hands on approach. We were never left in doubt of any issue. The mortgage broker we utilized through Sue, is a very competent professional. We were qualified and through the gate quickly. With no issues. As regards the inspection and follow up work, again, Sue held the Seller's Agent to the task. On the issue of a specific conveyance, when the Seller's Agent asked for reimbursement / payment made to the third party vendor, Sue informed the Agent that, no my Buyer will not be paying. Sue reminded the Agent of the wording in the Contract and thanked them for the donation. On our behalf. Sue also ensured that the other work needing done, post Closure was followed up on and completed. The particular vendor had missed the appointment date. As of now, we are in the house. Sue is still engaged. Providing us with answers to questions that we come up with. Sue definitely is a " value added " asset to your organization. Receiving the exact same level of service that I have to provide to my Customers is the sublime piece of this process. To know that Sue is truly engaged in her chosen profession and is willing to put in whatever effort is necessary to assist us has given me the most pleasure. Second only to my wife's smile and joy walking into our new home. Along the path of this process many other services failed us. Too numerous to mention. And not good for my blood pressure. Other than my wife, Sue Pash was the only person that I could truly rely on. To complete tasks and keep moving forward. To gain the objective. Even while a way, on personal time - trying to have a life, Sue has been in constant contact. When and as needed. The process of Buying a new house and turning that house into a home is an arduous task. A Herculean effort, to say the least. Sue Pash smoothed out as many procedural and painful tasks that were within her power to command. Accomplished with empathy and a calm, professional, friend of the family attitude, towards my wife and myself. Thank you, Sue Pash and CENTURY 21 Redwood Realty - Stafford. I did not have to work with any other staff of the organization. This should speak volumes about the performance and knowledge base of Sue Pash. An Agent who can work independently, as needed, creating a transparent process for us, both buying and selling properties.”
John and L Lapp, Stafford VA (Buyer)


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