The 15+ (Forgotten) Things You Need to Clean
Wendy Kedzierski
March 7, 2022 — Read in 2.7 mins · 534 words

You may be a neatnik, but are you really a clean freak?

Kudos to you for clearing clutter! Hats off for your regular cleaning routine! Now it’s time to clean those neglected places that may not require weekly maintenance, but a periodic cleanse to keep your house in tip-top shape. Tackle these projects to keep allergies and bacteria at bay.

  1. Throw blankets, comforters and pillows

We’ve all cringed at the thought that many hotels don’t wash comforters between guests, but our own bedding may not be as hygienic as it could be. And while you’re washing your extra bedding, be sure to grab linens from the family room sofa, too.

  1. Pet bedding

Don’t forget your furbabies! As with most things, the more frequently you clean your pet’s bedding, the easier it will be. Accumulated fur can clog drains and dryer filters.

  1. TV screen

Use a microfiber cloth to clear dust and smudges from your televisions and any other electronic screens. Avoid spray cleaners unless your manufacturer recommends one.

  1. Coffee maker

Daily rinsing is great, but be sure to give both the pot and the appliance a good cleanse. Moisture and heat create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Simply create a batch of half vinegar, half water instead of coffee. Allow your coffee maker to rest for 30 minutes so the mixture can do its work. Then make a batch of clean water to clear any leftover vinegar before making your next pot of coffee. This also will “descale” the machine to remove buildup, which is essential especially if you have hard water!

  1. Washing machine

Check your manufacturer’s instructions, but most washing machines can benefit by running a hot cycle with white vinegar and baking soda. 

  1. Remote controls

Remove the batteries before cleaning with an antibacterial wipe.

  1. Plants

This can be a tedious process, but is important for the health of your plants. Built-up dust and grime can block sun and lessen photosynthesis. Mist with water and carefully wipe down the leaves. Even faux plants should be cleaned periodically.

  1. Curtains (including shower curtains)

A good seasonal cleaning will keep your curtains fresh. Check labels for directions.

  1. Trash cans and hampers

Changing out trash bags is great regular maintenance, but sticky, germy grime accumulates on the cans. Hampers can also become foul after holding dirty clothes.

  1. Ceiling fan blades

This hard-to-reach surface needs a good, periodic wipe down. And while you’ve got the stepladder out, take a look at other high-up surfaces like the tops of cabinets and your refrigerator.

  1. Under appliances

From major appliances like stoves, refrigerators and washing machines to the countertop kitchen gadgets, the surfaces underneath need cleansed.

  1. Under furniture

It’s a pain, but you might find some long-lost items under your sofa or bookshelf.

  1. Under foot (carpets, rugs, bathroom mats, door mats)
  1. Cleaning tools (toilet brushes, sponges, dust rags)

Consider periodic sanitation or complete replacement.

  1. Filters

This might require time, instruction manuals and help. Here are some common household filters that should be cleaned and/or replaced:

  • Air conditioner
  • Furnace
  • Dryer
  • Air filters
  • Water filters
  • Humidifier
  • Range Hood
  • Dryer

Download our Forgotten Cleaning Checklist below!

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