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Tom Mulkerin
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Tom Mulkerin has worked with the Northern Virginia residential community, through sales and personal service, for almost 30 years. He initially began his real estate career in 2002 when a friend needed assistance on the weekends. Tom specializes in home sales in Reston, and Herndon but has an excellent knowledge of the entire Northern Virginia area especially Loudoun County. His clients have noted his excellent listening skills, patience and respectful honesty as reasons they enjoy working with him, all keys to success when it comes to buying or selling homes.  Tom is also known for his laid-back personality and steady temperament, which gives him a distinct advantage in negotiations with the wide range of personalities that emerge during real estate transactions.  To be successful for his clients, Tom must not only provide them expert advice, but must work well with the other players in the process, including lenders, attorneys, home inspectors, and the real estate agent on the other side of the deal.

As a proud military brat to a Marine father, he has lived around the world (Hawaii, California, and Japan) before moving to Northern Virginia in 1979. He attended West Springfield high school and graduated from Old Dominion University before moving back to Northern Virginia.

When Tom is not selling real estate, he enjoys spending his free traveling around the globe, cooking and preparing vegan food, and enjoying the out doors with his wife Ruth and Franz their cool dog. Tom has always believed in volunteering his time with meals on wheels, FFGW rescue group, and ushering at Wolf Trap and the Barns for over a decade. He recently was elected for a 3-year term to the board of directors for the Reston Association.

Tom has owned a home on Lake Thoreau since 1990 and can be seen many evenings floating on the lake on his dock boat enjoying the colors of another sunset.  Tom feels so fortunate to live in Northern Virginia, and he wants to share his extensive knowledge of the area with his clients, so, they, too, can find the best home in which to live their best life!


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