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Vanessa Shupe
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I was born in California, but had the awesome opportunity to live overseas and spent 13 years living in England and Scotland. I have lived in the Fredericksburg area though since 2005 and have watched it grow over the years and always wanted to be a part of that growth in some way. Being a military brat, I know how stressful the whole process of obtaining a home can be and my goal is to make that process go as smoothly and stress free as possible for others. As a child I always had a passion for homes and decorating and when I was on the path of buying my own home for the first time, I loved every second of the process and realized this would be something I would love to do for others. Before becoming a realtor, I was/ currently am going to school for a degree in business and marketing. I worked mostly in office administration and when the option to become a realtor was presented, it was like a giant lightbulb went off in my brain wondering why I had not pursued that before. It was a journey worth taking and I cannot wait to instill the same excitement and joy I felt in you, that I felt when I was obtaining my first home. When I am not working, I am at home with my family and our dog, 2 cats, and 4 chickens, enjoying the peace and quiet.


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